Desire Humbles Self Before Baby Daddy Kaddu

Desire Humbles Self Before Baby Daddy Kaddu an accessible web community

By Our Reporter

KAMPALA, Uganda: People always talk about the strength of  a woman, but celebrated singer Desire Luzinda knows and appreciates  the strength of a man.

Desire Luzinda with Kaddu

Our spies reveal that whereas Desire, the bummy and ‘EKitone’ star, is a randy, and very stubborn babe, when she is before her baby daddy Michael Kaddu, she plays humble Wife! Kaddu is the father of her child Michelle Luzinda, whom Maj. Juma Seiko to date claims to own. The singer recently posted pictures on her Instagram wall which were taken when she had gone to meet her baby’s father, Kaddu and to congratulate him upon surviving  the tragic MV Templar boat cruise accident. However, pals who have seen the pictures of Desire kneeling before Kaddu in a very humble manner have been left awed, wondering if she was the same person whose nudes and sex video with Nigerian Franklin Emobour leaked  a few years back. Kaddu made his first appearance recently ever since he survived the deadly MV Templer boat accident in which over 32 people died.

Since then, Kaddu has been very silent and avoiding public contact until recently when he opened up to Desire. an accessible web community

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