Pictorial Evidence: Behind The Scenes At Salvado, Daphne Kweranga

Pictorial Evidence: Behind The Scenes At Salvado, Daphne Kweranga

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By Andrew Irumba

Celebrated city comedian Patrick Idringi aka Salvado and his baby mama Daphne Frankstock were officially united as man and wife at a cultural ceremony known as Kweranga. The couple held the massive ceremony at Daphne’s parents’ home in Mityana, where she paraded him as the love of her life. Salvado and Daphne’s Kweranga was attended by several people who included socialites, fellow comedians, artistes, friends, exes and relatives.   Our Spies attended the event and today we bring you what transpired behind the scenes, exposing who was with whom, who did what, who dressed on what, plus all the glitz and glamour that was at the ceremony;

This dude was caught salivating at the cute though the cute was also wondering she is with right match.


By way of looks,these guys should be the next to wed if atall there is dime in this Kanzu
Balaam Barugahara Ateenyi (BBA) showed up in his magical trade mark pink T-shirt
This dude showed up with his Mzungu mate and kept on laughing to who ever cared to know whether they had just met at the Salvador’s kwanjula or they came together


Some of the beautiful maids you couldn’t resist picking a telephone number from incase the sky fell on you.
Lydia Jazmine (M) and Vince Musisi enjoyed the day


What a lovely couple
Who wouldn’t take a selfie with a beau like her
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