Stanbic Bank Rocked By Sex Scandal As Legal Boss Dumps MP Kasumba To Wed  City Accountant

Stanbic Bank Rocked By Sex Scandal As Legal Boss Dumps MP Kasumba To Wed City Accountant an accessible web community

By Andrew Irumba

The marriage of Bujenje Member of Parliament retired Lt.Patrick Kasumba is in shambles after his wife decided to dump him and serve her Bearded Meat to a city accountant, with whom she is planning a massive introduction ceremony soon.

Spy Uganda has learnt that Viola Kyaterekera, a mother of four, who is the Stanbic bank head of legal Department at UMOJA building in Kampala, is planning to hold a mega ‘Kwanjukla’ with city accountant Martin Malinzi.
Our Spy reveals that Malinzi is a business consultant and chief Commercial Officer at MLZ Associates, who managed to snatch Viola from Kasumba, a former Uganda Peoples Defence Forces (UPDF) officer.

Patrick Kasumaba and Viola Kyaterekera before they split
Patrick Kasumaba and Viola Kyaterekera before they split

Family sources reveal that she has since packed all her belongings from Kasumba’s cribs in Namugoona to stay with Malinzi, who will henceforth sooth her wounds at his rented crib in Ntinda, while chewing her Bearded Meat.
It is said that Viola dumped Kasumba, a staunch NRM cadre, after developing marital misunderstandings with him some time back and since then, she has been enjoying romantic rendezvous with Malinzi.

Viola Kyatereka and Martin Malinzi enjoying life
Viola Kyatereka and Martin Malinzi enjoying life

At their height of their fallout, Kasumba, a former chief spy, received reliable information from his pals that Malinzi was busy encroaching on his wife’s Wetland whenever he could travel to the village to hunt for votes. Later after Kasumba talking to elders about the matter he thought Viola would settele down and raise their kids but she failed.
While talking to her friends recently over her new lover, Viola revealed that no matter what she can’t return to Kasumba, because he mistreated her to the bone marrow after accusing her of cheating on him with Malinzi and a renowned radio presenter one R.Kutesa who, used to work at CBS and radio Simba.
“I love Martin with my heart and soul; even if I have been married to Kasumba my heart was always meant to be for Martin because he is a loving and caring man in my life,” she told pals recently.

She reportedly added that “Having children at home doesn’t mean I have been in Kasumba’s cage. I have money because I work so even if he doesn’t want to pay school fees I will pay it until they finish university.”
Kasumba, the proprietor of Kasumba and Company Advocates, last year opened a case against Viola at Masindi Police station, alleging that she hired two goons to finish him off.

Martin Malinzi and Viola having a nice time
Martin Malinzi and Viola having a nice time

The two assailants were later arrested by Flying Squad operatives and identified as Godfrey Kayinza and Gilbert Matovu aka Gilbo.
They were later remanded to Masindi Upper Prison on charges of attempted murder.

A few weeks thereafter court had to request the couple to go back home and resolve their issues amicably, but they failed.

Viola has since been spotted several times with Malinzi cruising in a Ford Explorer number UAS 944A, often smiling from jaw to jaw while enjoying evenings after work.

However, her departure from home has left Kasumba playing both motherly and fatherly rolwes for their kids, something that might make it hard form him to attend to his duties at parliament.
Watch this space. an accessible web community

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