Tooro Prince Christopher Araali Karamagi Laid To Rest

Tooro Prince Christopher Araali Karamagi Laid To Rest an accessible web community

By Andrew Irumba

Tooro Prince Christopher Araali Karamagi of Rwengoma Palace commonly known as uncle Phofa who breathed his last on Thursday night has been laid to rest Sunday at Karambi royal tombs.

Karamagi died at the age 81, at Mengo gate K’la as he was being rushed to Hospital. His body later taken to Mulago mortuary where it was picked by his close relatives and friends on Friday and driven to Rwengoma palace in Fort Portal town for vigil till today Sunday when he was laid to rest.

He was described by many speakers during his send off as a man who loved people and defended his heritage to death.

RIP: Christopher Karamagi and family in their happy days recently at Rwengoma palace.

“Even when many Babiito were swayed away by earthly things and betrayed their own mother land by siding with those who sold our heritage for a living ,Muzei Karamagi remained steadfast and refused to betray his own,” Prince David George Kiijanagoma  told this reporter on phone when asked to comment about what he remembers about the late.

Karamagi was the third born of the Tooro Royal Musuga(Head of the Royal Babiito clan) Keith Kagoro, then the Omusuga of his brother King Sir. George Rukidi, the Grandfather to both reigning Tooro King Oyo Nyimba Kabamba Iguru Rukidi 1V and crown Prince David George Kiijanangoma Araali.

Prince Christopher Araali Karamagi spent most of his young life at two historical Palaces in Tooro, the Karuzika main Palace and Rwengoma Palace. He was one of the few blessed Princes that lived in the former glory of Tooro Kingdom at time when his uncle Sir. George Rukidi was the King of Tooro and his own father as the Head of the Royal Babiito clan (Musuga).

Karamagi was a technician by profession and was married to his wife, Unity Kobuyenje Karamagi Amooti who passed away in 2015. Surprisingly, they’ve both died on a Thursday.

All Together, Karamagi was blessed with eleven children including Mirembe Musa, Nkwenge Harriet, Batebe Evelyn, Kahooza Voilet, Kalyota Olivia, Karweru Sylvia, Oyo Ryan Karamagi.

Prince Karamagi did not only look after his own biological children, but also played a very important role as parent and guardian to Tooro Crown Prince David Kiijanangoma among others, including the sons and daughters of Rwengoma where everyone knew him as a friend to all.

Prince Karamagi (R) with Prince David Kiijangoma (L) at their Rwengoma palace where their white friend called on them recently.

The Prince leaves a very rich legacy in many Batooro who interacted with him, for being a man of his word, honour and courage that could not be moved easily from his conscience.  It should be remembered that Prince Karamagi was among the prominent Babiito who openly contested Queen mother Best Kemigisa’s interference in the Kingdom affairs, together with her son King Oyo. Infact he has died before Seeing Eye to eye with his son king Oyo since they disagreed on the controversial sale of kingdom properties. Just like his late uncle Jimmy Mugenyi, Karamagi too, has died a bitter man with his son King Oyo. He infact never looked after him till his death.

Karamagi joined prince Kiijanangoma to oppose the status quo at the Karuzika palace there by taking control over the Rwengoma palace where Karamagi has been living. an accessible web community

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