Top Lawyer Snatches Married Woman, Bangs Her In Marital Bed

Top Lawyer Snatches Married Woman, Bangs Her In Marital Bed an accessible web community

By Spy Reporter


There is a blistering sex war raging on between a city lawyer and a Nkuba Kyeyo Ugandan based in the United States of America.

Mohammad Nsereko aka Hassan Busulwa Nsereko, who works with a popular law firm in Kampala and drives a Mark II car number UBC 796D, is allegedly banging a babe only identified as Celia, who is wife of Arthur Turakira, a US based Ugandan.

Our  Spies reveal that Turakira is a Nkuba Kyeyo working  in Chicago, USA and has  been married with Celia for over 18 years. The two have three children aged 10, 15 and 17 years respectively.  However,  it is said that while he is abroad toiling for his family to live a good life Nsereko is  ferociously feasting  on Celia’s Sumbi and he is almost turning it into cabbage because of the many times he has banged it.

Turakira with Celia during their heydays

Spies reveal that Turakira has on several occasions warned Nsereko  to stay away from Celia but the lawyer pays a deaf ear. Prior to warning Nsereko, Turakira  had learnt from trusted sources and friends in Kampala that  Nsereko is often spotted at his house with  Celia, and in most cases having fun with her. Neighbours also usually see Nsereko’s Mark II parked outside Turakira’s home in Naalya. However, it so happens that Turakira also knows Nsereko’s wife and has been pondering on whether to let her know about what her husband is doing with his wife and how he is destroying his marriage or not. His friends say the man is at crossroads, wondering what to do next, because what hurts him most is that while he is  abroad sweating plasma  to get his hard-earned money which he later sends back home, the lawyer is busy enjoying the fruits of his (Turakira’s) sweat.

Mohammad Nsereko and Celia enjoying themselves

Turakira confided in pals recently that he has all pictures, phone printouts, voice recordings and camera clips as evidence that Nsereko is poaching on his wife. Turakira allegedly told pals that the lawyer was with Celia in their marital bed on 28th February and 3rd  March 2019, according to evidence he has. Turakira’s  pals told  our snoops that he is now left with no option but to return  to Uganda and sort out the matter man o n man with Nsereko so as to salvage his marriage. However, when we contacted Nsereko, he denied having any relationship with Celia, although there are pictures of them together seemingly too close for comfort. an accessible web community

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