TV Star Tinah Parties Wild On BD Bash!

TV Star Tinah Parties Wild On BD Bash! an accessible web community

By Our Reporter

Kampala, Uganda: Gorgeous TV star  Tinah Teise recently celebrated her birthday, although her real age has  remained a source of confusion for many of her pals and fans.

Tinah Teise and pals at the beach

Whereas many argue she is in her 30s, Tinah maintains that she is in her late 20s. Anyways that is not the issue; the  issue is that she enjoyed a massive  birthday bash a few days back. Unlike most Ugandans who often hold birthday bashes at Kampala night clubs or hotels, Tinah took hers to the Seychelles Islands. Although word is spreading around that the bash and trip were financed by a ‘Blesser’ or Sponsor, which is a story for another day, what our spies can ably reveal is that Tinah traveled with a bevy of sexy friends, who kept her company at the beach as they enjoyed life.

Tina and friends prepare to cut cake

Tinah and her friends enjoyed all kinds of niceties, wine and champagnes, which were endlessly flowing, perhaps courtesy of the Blesser. At some point, the babes adorned swimming costumes and were snapped flaunting their very tempting curves while playing in the beach sand. an accessible web community

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