UG Gov’t Calls Rwandan Ambassador To Explain Boarder Closure Impasse

UG Gov’t Calls Rwandan Ambassador To Explain Boarder Closure Impasse an accessible web community

By Ronaldo Kalangi

The Uganda government has entered into negotiations with Rwandan Government to find amicable ground on how closed Uganda-Rwanda boarders can be re-opened. This comes after Rwanda Government closed her boarders which take goods and services to Rwanda from Uganda on Thursday.

While addressing the media at Uganda Media Centre on Friday morning, government Spokesperson, Ofwono Opondo revealed that Government of Uganda is into negotiations with Rwandan counterparts to make sure issues are resolved quickly “We would like to send a clear message to Rwanda that there’s no Rwandese being harassed in Uganda and no Rwandese is in our custody outside the prescribed laws of Uganda, if there is one, Gov’t would like to know the particulars f that person.

“Secondly we want this matter handled so amicably so that there is free movement of people and goods between two countries like the way situation has been,” he said.

Yesterday Rwanda Revenue Authority released a document advising trucks to use Ntugamo-Mirama Hills for business to go on normally but Opondo wondered why there’s still limited entry to Rwanda when other boarders aren’t under road construction.

Ofwono added that all vehicles have been told to use the alternative routes so that they can access good movement to Rwanda’s capital Kigali. The road construction at the Katuna border (Rwanda) with Uganda is making movement difficult as most of the trucks are parked on the road without any movement ahead.

The Government Spokesperson told media that so far 129 tracks are still held at the border.

“Whereas authorities in Rwanda are allowing Ugandans to cross into Rwanda, they’re (Rwanda) not allowing their nationals to cross to Uganda.

Mr.Ofwono confirmed that Government has called Rwandan Ambassador to Uganda Maj.Gen Mugambagye to explain the on-going impasse so that business can resume normally.

At the beginning of this week, Uganda government returned several members of Congolese rebel group M23 back to DRC which Rwandan Government suspect they were criminal elements that wanted to topple their duly elected leadership in Rwanda.

It’s suspected, in retaliation, Rwanda chose to ‘punish’ Uganda by bringing transit business to a standstill. an accessible web community

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