Mukono Tycoon’s Daughter In Trouble Over Her Leaked Nudes

Mukono Tycoon’s Daughter In Trouble Over Her Leaked Nudes an accessible web community

By Spy Reporter

Business came to a standstill in Mukono town early this week after nude pictures of a babe, who is daughter of one of the prominent businessmen in Mukono, leaked and circulated on social media.

Mariam Sembatya Touching It
Mariam Sembatya Touching It

The said pictures are those of a babe identified as Mariam Sembatya, who hails from the prominent Mr. Sembatya’s family in Mukono municipality.

SpyUganda has learnt that Mariam runs a huge beauty centre in Mukono, which was started up by her parents.

Mariam Sembatya dressed
Mariam Sembatya dressed

However, our Spies reeval that when she is not running the family shop, Mariam takes off time to pose for nude selfies, which she later shares with her Bazungu lovers on social media.

Mariam Sembatya posing
Mariam Sembatya Touching It

Indeed, in some of her pictures that we landed on, Mariam was snapped kissing several Bazungu men and indulging in all sorts of erotic stuff.

Some of Mariam’s pictures that leaked on social media portray her seated in front of a mirror, parting Dicotolydonous Bins by pulling one to the west and another to the east.

Mariam's shop in Mukono town
Mariam’s shop in Mukono town

In other snaps Mariam is seen doing dirty things to herself that we shall not mention here, because they degrade the dignity of a woman.
However, Mariam’s actions are bound to land her in trouble, especially with the Uganda Police and Fr. Simon Lokodo, because what she did is so shaming and illegal.

She kisses her Mzungu
She kisses her Mzungu

Likewise, Dr. Anne Kezaabu’s Ant-Pornography Committee is also likely to roast Mariam until she explains why she posed for nudes and how they ended up leaking.

Just last week, the police and the Anti-pornography committee squeezed The Ebonies actress Princess Becky about why and how her nudes leaked on social media.
A very sorrowful Becky pleaded with the Police for forgiveness and apologised to the entire public; Mariam could however face a worse scenario.

Mariam enjoying romance with her Mzungu
Mariam enjoying romance with her Mzungu

Watch this space for details! an accessible web community

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