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Kyegegwa Residents Decry To Gov’t Over Un safe Water.

By Denis Turyahebwa.

Lack of access to clean water in several parts of Kyegegwa continue to give residents sleepless nights as they are bedridden every time suffering from disease like typhoid, cholera and dysentery.

Residents of Kajuma, Kisaamula and other villages in Kyegegwa District have decried to Government over unsafe water in the District that has contributed to absenteeism of students from schools as most of the times they are either sick or attending to their parents and relatives. .

Peter Akugizibwe, a resident of Kajuma said they fetch water from the ponds where animals also drink from. Akugizibwe narrated that during rainy seasons dirty water from roads flood to the ponds which they also use for domestic purposes. He adds that they continue to use it because they have no option.

These villages consists of over 200 families whose lives are at risk of being infected with diseases. Another resident of Kisaamula only identified as Kunihira said the ponds also expose their children to danger.  “Recently we lost a 3year old girl who went to fetch water without parents’ consent and drowned,” She lamented.

However, the LC1 Chairperson Kisaamula village Mr Julius Asiimwe said that they have tried at several occasions to raise their voices to the office of water and sanitation but kept a deaf ear. He added that the District had given them one borehole that got spoilt and they could not afford to repair it as the cost was high.

Mr Asiimwe said they had mobilised to collect some money so that the District can top up but all never helped, now it’s a year and a half. ‘’One borehole is not enough but still it would make a difference.” Mr Asiimwe said.

Accessdome.com: an accessible web community

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