2021 Elections: US Threatens Ugandan Top Leaders With Visa Ban For Suppressing Freedom Of Assembly

2021 Elections: US Threatens Ugandan Top Leaders With Visa Ban For Suppressing Freedom Of Assembly

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By Spy Uganda Correspondent

The United States Government has threatened to issue travel restrictions against African leaders Ugandans inclusive for suppressing freedom of assembly and association in their countries.

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In Uganda for example, Electoral Commission limited freedom of assembly of Ugandans through virtual campaigns saying its the only way to curb deadly COVID-19 pandemic although this has faced huge resistance from opposition candidates saying it’s not about COVID-19 but President Museveni is using EC to trim opposition’s publicity.

In a statement on Friday, US Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, said any government that will suppress the right to assemble will be blacklisted by the US government.

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US Statement To African Freedom Of Assembly Suppressors

Pompeo also said all political sides should participate peacefully in the democratic process.

“The right to peaceful assembly and freedom of expression and association are at the heart of a functioning democracy. Adherence to these democratic norms and to the rule of law allows all citizens to engage in political dialogue and support their choice of candidates, parties, and platforms,” Pompeo said.

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The top diplomat said the US would closely monitor political events in the continent and would not delay in issuing visa restrictions to anyone who curtailed the democratic process or promoted violence.

“We will watch closely the actions of individuals who interfere in the democratic process and will not hesitate to consider consequences – including visa restrictions – for those responsible for election-related violence. As long-time partners to the nations of Africa, we care about the region’s democratic trajectory and are committed to working constructively with international and regional partners,” he said.

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