7 Feared Dead After Military Chopper Crashes

7 Feared Dead After Military Chopper Crashes

By Agencies

Caracas: At least seven people are feared to have died on Saturday after a military helicopter crashed in Venezuela.

The tragedy was first reported by Elías Sayegh, the mayor of the El Hatillo municipality via Twitter, before it was picked up by mainstream media. “An army helicopter fell this morning in the green zone in Oripoto, more precisely in El Volkan, with seven passengers on board. Our team of El Hatillo civil defense forces helps with search operations,” Sayegh wrote on Twitter.

However, here is no information about the fate of the crew and passengers so far, who were flying in the helicopter may have been a Bell 412. This however comes at a time when tension between President Nicholas Maduro and his opponent Juan Guaido are rising. Maduro has convinced his army to be on standby for an imminent invasion from the United State of America, which back Guaido, who claims to be the legally elected Venezuelan president. Actually, Maduro contends that the helicopter was brought down by Guaido US backed forces.

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