Abavandimwe: High Court To Make Ruling On Frank Gashumba, Immigration Boss Deborah’s Case On Sept.10th

Abavandimwe: High Court To Make Ruling On Frank Gashumba, Immigration Boss Deborah’s Case On Sept.10th

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Kampala: Twed tower-based High Court of the civil division in Kampala will make its ruling on the application filed by Principal Immigration Officer at Ministry of Internal Affairs, Ms Deborah Amanya in which she seeks the court to bar Omuvandimwe Frank Malingumu Gashumba from further ‘defaming’ her via his social media platforms.

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Deputy Registrar who doubles as the Judiciary’s spokesperson Jameson Karemani ordered Gashumba’s lawyers; Maxim Mutabingwa of Mutabingwa & Co. Advocates and Denis Nyombi of Denis Nyombi & Co. Advocates to make written submissions by Friday this week, where’s Deborah’s lawyers were also ordered to put in written submissions by Monday next week to enable court make its ruling on the same on September,10th, 2021.

Frank Gashumba (L) With His Lawyers  Denis Nyombi (M) and Maxim Mutabingwa (R) At Court This Afternoon

Mutabingwa however challenged Deborah’s lawyers on ‘bogus’ application and asked court to throw it in the nearest dustbin, arguing that the court can’t give such prayers when it hasn’t yet made a ruling on the main suit on whether indeed Gashumba’s posts are defamatory in nature or not.

“For you to get such orders, the court ought to have already ruled what Deborah calls defamation in her suit. Now how can court give this prayer before agreeing with her in the first place whether Gashumba defamed her?” Wondered Mutabingwa while addressing the press soon after the adjournment.

What Does Deborah Want From Bavandimwe?

Amanya Deborah sued Chairman Frank Gashumba ‘Abavandimwe’ community (Ugandans of Rwandese origin) living in Uganda, seeking the court to grant her the following;

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1. An interim injunction doth issue against the respondent, restraining and staying him and his agents, representatives, assignees, successors in title. employees from further defaming, abusing, threatening, intimidating, blackmailing, committing further injury against the Applicant until the determination of the main suit.

2. An interim mandatory injunction doth issue directing the respondent to delete all publications complained against by the applicant or relating to the Applicant on his social media accounts, in particular on, WhatsApp and Facebook and costs incurred be provided for, among other prayers.

All the above came after a proud Muvandimwe-Frank Gashumba issued a warning notice to Deborah accusing her and the entire Uganda Immigration Office of denying Banyarwanda passports, discriminating against them, violating their human rights among others.

”Despite your unfairly stringent and absurd conditions (which our people have endeavoured to comply with) you still reject their applications and order them to apply for naturalization something that strips them off their citizenship besides occasioning loss of their money. Assuming they are “Rwandan operatives” as you falsely claim, does sending them for naturalization stop them from carryíng out purported subversive activities?” asked Gashumba.

Gashumba further noted that Deborah’s team harbour personal hatred against Banyarwanda. ”That perhaps explains why despite the resolutions of our meeting, to among others, consult Banyarwanda elders to verify bonafide Ugandan Banyarwanda passport applicants in addition to our language test proposal to ascertain bonafide applicants, you have consistently ignored all that and instead, you make ridiculous demands that our people should present their grandfather’s baptism cards, graduated tax tickets and draw family trees,” he added.

The no-nonsense Munyarwanda further warned Deborah, ”While you can hate us, you have no right to violate and abuse our rights, and for that, we shall go to every length and use all available avenues and legal means to fight against your prejudice and discrimination.”

Gashumba, for long, has accused the establishment of denying his fellow Ugandans of Rwandese origin passports, National IDs and other important documents by some Government workers who unfairly accuse them of being President Pual Kagame’s blue-eyed boys in Uganda.

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