AFLAAK Recruitment Agency Boss  Connives With Arabian Slave Owners To Torture Ugandan Maid

AFLAAK Recruitment Agency Boss Connives With Arabian Slave Owners To Torture Ugandan Maid an accessible web community

By Spy Uganda

Shamirah Nambassa, a manager at AFLAAK Recruitment Agency, a labour exporting company operated by Ugandans but with branches in the United Arab Emirates, has been accused of conniving with Arabian slave owners to torture Ugandan maids that are recruited by her company.

The poor girl had her mouth gagged as Nambasa and her Arabian boss tortured her

This comes after a video leaked on social media in which Nambasa is seen  torturing a yet to be identified Ugandan maid, together with her Arabian boss, who is a lady.

Shamira Nambasa torturing the maid

In the video that has since gone viral on social media, Nambasa and the Arabian woman are seen torturing a Ugandan girl who hands are tied behind her and mouth gagged.

Nambasa, who is seen in the video severely hitting the girl’s feet, is heard sneering at the girl that; “Let me show you why we are here in this country. We are not here to play but to work. That is why we came here. Ehhh.”  

Shamira Na,basa and her Arabian client with whom they tortured the maid

We have since learnt that the girl whom Nambasa and her client were torturing had gone to the AFLAAK Offices in Saudi Arabia to report that she could no longer work for the Arabian lady because she was torturing her.

So instead of Nambasa helping the girl,  allegedly used some men to tie her up, after which she called the Arabian lady and together they started torturing her.

One of the concerned Ugandans who watched the horrible video wrote on Facebook thus;

They tied her mouth and feet before torturing her

“But Ugandans Why do you have bad Hearts

Nambassa Shamirah how can you treat your fellow Ugandan like that just because you need money from Arabs, why dont you really feel ashamed?

I just can’t Understand why Ugandans are so heartless especially towards their fellow country men and women, instead of helping this poor Lady who went to look for something to feed her children, you decide to join her tormentors and brutally harass her. Why?

She ran to you for help, but you turn against her because of Money, this lady has a family, she might be a mother, why do you really treat your fellow woman like that, Ugandans emitima gijjudde ekko.

This Shamirah woman has a family too, she might be having children that are even girls, what you do will either come back to haunt you or your children, I can assure you that, The Bible is clear about that.

We need immediate reforms as a country. Sad.” an accessible web community

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