After Killing My Grandfather, Father & Brother Over Land, Opendi’s Goons Have Descended On Their Graves- Sylvia Owori Laments!

After Killing My Grandfather, Father & Brother Over Land, Opendi’s Goons Have Descended On Their Graves- Sylvia Owori Laments!

By Spy Uganda

The Director of Operation Wealth Creation (OWC), Sylvia Owori has made yet another revelation that her late brother John Rakeem Owori was also murdered by the same group of people fronted by Tororo Woman Member of Parliament (MP) Hon. Sarah Opendi to take the land that ‘rightfully’ belongs to Owori’s family.

For our first time readers, get the entire genesis of this saga from this article –

In the above article, Owori defended herself against allegations made by Opendi during a parliamentary session days back accusing her of grabbing land, harassing and intimidating residents of Nyangore sub-county in Tororo district, accusations Owori terms ‘baseless statements from a reckless Member of Parliament.

Speaking to our reporter about the above accusations that have since exposed her to the media for wrong reasons [as she claims], said now it’s her time to open up about all the atrocities that have been committed against her family.

Owori Painfully Speaks Her Heart Out

According to Owori, her brother Rakeem was poisoned in 2017 by the same people Opendi is fronting in the afro-mentioned controversial land ownership saga.

Rakeem who started RAKS Entertainment company was one of the leading music promoters then, known for his big heart that saw him help musicians like Chameleon and Ragga Dee. He is also remembered for bringing Singer Sean Paul to perform in Uganda.

Owori revealed that his brother who had left his wife and four children in the UK was rushed to International Hospital Kampala after he complained of excruciating pain after hanging out with his village mates who bought him food and drinks.

Owori reveals, ‘’My brother Rakeem Owori who was a music promoter in the UK was poisoned days after he landed in Uganda. This was few days after those goons had destroyed our father’s house sparing only my grandmother and my father’s grave. In fact, we slept in a tent that day.

‘’We tried to rush him to a nearby hospital but his situation was getting worse and we had to drive to International Hospital Kampala where he was admitted and died the following day’’.

Asked whether she has evidence of the alleged poisoning, Owori noted that the postmortem done after her brother’s death confirmed that he died of multiple organ failure as a result of poisoning.

She added, ”After his death, we were very scared to go back to the village to even bury him, I had to bury my brother in the plot I bought in Matugga here in Kampala and up to date his remains are still there, am just planning to relocate them in September this year before his anniversary.

‘’Those are memories of things that I have been trying not to talk about because they are so emotional, I have been in the media before, but no one has ever heard that painful story, no one knew where I came from because I was scared to bring out the pain that I was holding, my brother’s children up to date are still terrified, they cannot even come back here, because they think they will also be killed’’.

Asked whether she is not afraid that the same people she claims killed her brother can finish her off, determined Owori noted that she is more than ready to die.

‘’The day they murdered my father is the day they killed me, in fact, they will be killing me twice, my father was my everything, that’s why am using his name, I wanted him to be proud of me, I am what I am today because of him. At least they will have killed me after I officially buried my father for the very first time on 7th May 2022 when I did his last funeral rights,’’ she said.

According to Owori, none of the alleged owners has built a home on the land in question that they claim to be theirs.

‘’None of these people has a grave for their alleged grandparents, not even a home within the 90 acres they claim to be theirs, why didn’t they build properties on the land they claim to have occupied for years. The 240 families that Opendi is claiming do not exist, it’s only 8 families, you can even come and verify,’’ she noted.

Shocking still, Owori said that two weeks ago the same people beat up her employees who were renovating the graves and later got hammers in an attempt to demolish them.

‘’If this was their land, why are they removing the graves that have been there longer than their age, where were they to remove the graves when my parents were buried there?’’ she wondered.

‘’I reported this matter to the police, the same people were arrested, put in jail but Opendi bailed them out, she paid for their bond yet this is a criminal case which is still even in courts of law,’’ she added.

Owori’s Parent’s Graves Which Were Allegedly Demolished By Opendi’s People

In her conclusion, Owori noted that after several years of her being afraid and hiding in Kampala, she has decided to seek justice for the death of her father and recover his land.

‘’That’s the dilemma, I have had to pick myself up and stop being afraid, and decided to fight, if they kill me, fine at least I will have tried. Am not giving up, I want justice for my father by reclaiming his land. I have been in a lot of pain with a heavy heart for many years’’.

Owori however noted that her main objective in Tororo is to ”drive my main cause of Operation Wealth Creation to aimed at improving the lives of Ugandans not dirty poli-trics like those fighting me.”

Meanwhile, in response to Owori’s allegations, Opendi says; “The people affected petitioned the Speaker through the area MP Emmanuel Otala. The matter was then placed on the order paper. Parliament is where people’s voices are raised. Let’s wait for the committee to investigate and report back together with the Minister.”

Residents Petition Speaker an accessible web community

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