AIGP Bangirana Cited In Another Land Scandal

AIGP Bangirana Cited In Another Land Scandal an accessible web community

By Our Reporter

The embattled police director of logistics and engineering, AIGP Godfrey Bangirana has been sighted in another police give away land.

Concerned citizens are gathering another dossier and wants relevant authorities to investigate how a big junk of land formerly for police inspection department in Naguru has come to house a private company, Future Group Ltd.

“Police had secured this land for purposes of dumping vehicles which get accidents before they are inspected or kept to be sold off but these people have sold part of it leaving just a small portion,”  said a source who works at inspection department just adjacent to Spear Motors.

Bangirana is also faulted on another police land near Kibuli police training school which is still in question as some reports indicate it was given away.

Two months ago, Bangirana was drugged to the IGG’s office for investigation following multiple flaws in course of his duties. an accessible web community

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