Akena Gives UPC Another Blow,Court Re-Instates Him Member Of Milton Obote Foundation!

Akena Gives UPC Another Blow,Court Re-Instates Him Member Of Milton Obote Foundation!

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By Andrew Irumba

The war between Uganda Peoples Congress (UPC) Party and Lira Municipality Member of Parliament Jimmy Akena over the ownership of Uganda House and Milton Obote Foundation has taken a strange twist.

This is because High Court has ruled that Hon. Jimmy Akena is still a member of the Milton Obote Foundation.

Uganda House

Court also ruled that Akena’s suspension and expulsion were unlawful and illegal.

A permanent injunction has been issued against his expulsion under illegality.

Milton Obote Foundation dragged Akena and other UPC leaders to the High Court in 2015 with intent to evict them from Uganda House.

Milton Obote Foundation Limited and Uganda House Investment Limited instituted the suit against UPC leaders through Kigozi, Ssempala, Mukasa & Obonyo (KSMO) advocates last week.

Akena was dragged to court together with Apac district woman MP Betty Amongi, Maruzi County MP, Maxwell Akora and Kole County MP, Fred Ebil.

Others include Higenyi Kemba, Tom Omino, Richard Angweri, Patrick Mwondha, Night Kulabako, Gideon Akomu, Kallen Mugizi, Brenda Atim, Fahad Kilyiri, Patrick Aroma and Josephine Babirye.

The management was seeking a court declaration that the UPC group is a trespasser on the suit land comprised in LRV 689, Folio 1, plot 8 and volume 682, Folio 12, plot 10, Kampala road, popularly known as Uganda House.

They also sought payment of Sh105m per month or Sh3m for every other day that the group remained in occupation of the premises since June 5, 2015, general and exemplary damages for the loss and inconveniences caused by the group.

However, their demands have since been quashed by court. More details coming!!

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