Alliance For National Transformation Condemns Police  Brutality  Against Opposition Politicians

Alliance For National Transformation Condemns Police Brutality Against Opposition Politicians an accessible web community

By Frank Kamuntu 

The Alliance for National Transformation (ANT), an opposition political party led by retired General Mugish Muntu, today held a press conference at its headquarters along Buganda Road, where they highlighted issues of injustice transpiring in the country,  plus the progress of their Party and preparations for the 2021 general elections.

A delegation led by the former Ugandan Ambassador to USA and United Nations (UN) Edith Grace Ssempala, Party Spokesperson MSeryazi Wilberforce, the Deputy spokesperson Sulaiman Kakaire, revealed that they are angry at police’s continuous brutality towards opposition politicians under the auspices of the Public Order Management Act.

Martin Okumu (c) the ANT National Coordinator seated with others

Some of the cases of brutality that were were highlighted included the recent People Power Consultative Meetings which have been continuously blocked, Forum for Democratic Change Meetings, the recent Makerere University Tuition Saga, and continuous army brutality on Uganda’s water bodies, among others.

Edith Ssempala, Wilberforce Seryazi and Kakaire

Seryazi informed police officers who have failed to follow the law but keep on following ‘orders from above’ as they say, that each police officer will be accountable for his acts. He gave an example of former IGP Gen. Kale Kayihura and others who failed to abide by the law but later regretted. 

He also informed the media about their Party candidate who is ready to contest for the Ndorwa west MP seat, who was in December hijacked by some gangs who tortured and ordered him to abandon his political ambitions. After four days they dropped him in Lungujja, Kampala and  the Party  reported the matter to police but it seems it didn’t pay attention to the case. 

However,  while commenting about the coming 2021 elections, Seryazi revealed that so far ANT has covered 21 subregions and they are remaining with only Rwenzori subregion and Karamoja, and after that first phase of creating awareness about the Party, they will start the second phase of forming structures within districts specifically at Municipal level, District Sub-counties, Parishes, and LC level.

On his part, Sulman Kakaire, the Deputy spokesperson, revealed to the media that as ANT, they are open to all other Political parties that would like to cooperate with them as one of the way to weaken Museveni’s Leadership.

“We advise all Opposition Political parties to know the importance of coalition and unity and strengthening of Trust among party leaders as the only way to succumb this Government’s poor rule,” Kakaire said. an accessible web community

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