America Furious Over Museveni Refusal To Sign Hazardous GMO Bill

America Furious Over Museveni Refusal To Sign Hazardous GMO Bill an accessible web community an accessible web community

By Andrew Irumba

President Donald Trump’s Gov’t, The United States of America (USA) is very furious with Uganda’s president Yoweri Museveni after he refused to sign the Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) bill into law.

President Museveni early this week declined signing the GMO bill, arguing that the bill seeks to promote foreign interests, instead of protecting local organic seeds and cultural agricultural practices.

US Embassy post about GMO bill

However, Museveni’s refusal to sign the GMO bill annoyed the USA adminstration so much to the extent that its embassy in Uganda posted thus on their Facebook account;

“Disappointing to hear that the future of the Genetically Engineered Regulatory Act (GMO bill) is still in doubt. Government officials and stakeholders should have a science-based dialogue to resolve differences.

This technology has the potential to help Ugandan farmers greatly up their crop yield, feed millions, and improve livelihoods.

We remain committed to working with Ugandan scientists and the government to support the development of biotech crops to ensure food security and the economic prosperity of Ugandans. #HandinHandwithUganda”

While declining to sign the bill Museveni said the law should “safeguard the ecology and diversity of the country as well as the interests of ordinary people who depend on the land for their sustenance

Museveni also cautioned Speaker Rebecca Kadaga in a letter he wrote to her, about the “large commercial interests behind the promotion of this technology.”

The President said the commercial interests however need to be “balanced against the needs to protect the ordinary Ugandan ordinary citizens from real or potential harm. Health and wellbeing rather than profits must be our primary concern.”

However, this is the second time Museveni is refusing to sign the law, this time saying his views must be addressed.

He first turned down the proposed law in December, 2017 but MPs passed it again on Nov. 28.

Below is the letter Museveni wrote to Speaker Kadaga;


 an accessible web community an accessible web community

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