Angry Ugandans Attack US Embassy In Uganda Over George Floyd Murder

Angry Ugandans Attack US Embassy In Uganda Over George Floyd Murder an accessible web community

By Spy Uganda

Officials from the United States Embassy in Uganda are facing the worst moments of their lives after being severely roasted by several Ugandans for the murder of George Floyd, an African-American who was choked to death by a policeman in Minneapolis, on Wednesday.

Floyd, who was handcuffed, was murdered in cold blood by a US policeman identified as Derek Chauvin, who broke his neck by kneeling on it even after the man cried out that ‘I can’t breathe…”

The murderous policeman is seen in pictures and several videos on social media pocketing as he presses Floy’s neck down on the tarmac, until the black man dies.

However, the murder has since sparked off violent protests in Minneapolis, with protesters burning buildings, looting, vandalizing vehicles and government installations.

However,  for our  colleagues at the US Embassy in Kampala-Uganda things have not been easier and trouble for them started today when they posted thus: “We are deeply troubled by the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis.  Authorities have fired the officers involved and are conducting a full investigation. Government officials should not operate with impunity in any country.”

The US Embassy tweet that attracted verbal attacks

In reply to the tweet, the Embassy has since been receiving a barrage of attacks and verbal artillery from several Ugandans on tweeter and below are some of their tweets, through which they express their anger;

Robert Tumusiime@rtumusiime89 Replying to @usmissionuganda

You hate black people but claim to fight for them when you are in their countries. Your love is cosmetic @usmissionuganda

Alberto@Bert family@AlbertKJ3 Replying to @usmissionuganda

Finally you have responded but how long could you have taken to respond if this happened in Uganda and again firing killers from the force it’s not enough with all that evidence captured on camera,they are still investigating really?? #icantbreathe

Muhire Yves @Yves_Mu Replying to @usmissionuganda

Authorities have “fired”, this is disgusting? Since when premeditated murder is punishable by dismissal ? Enough is enough, #BlackLivesMater.

Tendai @tendaim65 :”…….Conducting full investigation” it’s like some of y’all can’t read u just want something to be outraged aboutFace with tears of joyFace with tears of joyFace with tears of joyFace with tears of joy

Irene Nabiwire4 @IreneNabwire Replying to @usmissionuganda

You simply hate anything black..God is watching

Muhwezi Godfrey: @MuhweziGodfre14: We have seen American  attacking many countries, killing some leaders, accusing them of killing people, why are these killers being handled with gloves?

Ankore Guy..!@KazoTweets Replying to  @usmissionuganda

George Floyd is dead and the killers are having their children on their laps, holding hands with their spouses and you poke into other countries’ affairs…. A beautiful country like USA deserve leadership, Apologize to world for having a country without state for long.

Benson Odong Mawadri @BMawadri Replying to @usmissionuganda

Is firing these officers enough? Shouldn’t they be charged for murder?

Namara Peter Katta: @KattaPeter Replying to @usmissionuganda

Im disgusted by your authorities.  Its actually very absurd how u run to criticise @PoliceUg whenever they violate human rights. First clean your house and start advising Uganda how to do its stuff

Lonzen Rugira: @LonzenRugira Replying to  @usmissionuganda

Perhaps a travel advisory for blacks? an accessible web community

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