Babes With Booty That Will Make You Forget Coronavirus

Babes With Booty That Will Make You Forget Coronavirus an accessible web community

By Spy Uganda

Guys, we understand the Ministry of Health and President Yoweri Museveni issued directives to safeguard the country against the deadly Coronavirus (COVID-19).

One of the safety guidelines is maintaining social distance and where possible, avoid all forms of physical contact like kissing, hugging, caressing and or romancing.

However, there are some babes who are so tempting to get into physical contact with that they can even make you forget all about Coronavirus.

These are babes who the almighty creator moulded with booty that is so appealing to touch in that when you see them, you will immediately forget all about the Social Distance directive.

It is for that reason that we unleash these lovely creatures, which are fully packaged with bliss and endless moments of sweetness, only if you are brave enough to touch, hug or feel them.

They are the ideal belles you might want to spend days quarantined  with; so guys, make sure  that as you Stay Home to Stay Safe against COVID-19, get locked indoors with one of these and you will not regret the ‘home quarantine.’

Adelin Kamuntu
Glosh Namata
Brenda Seruw
Jacklyn Namara
Angela Mutesi
Amelia Batamuriza
Komugisha Poshy Queen (L) with Pal
Singer Lydia Jazmine also has booty
Primrose Asiimwe
Effrance Nakitto an accessible web community

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