Socialite Bad Black Tips Girls To Dump UG Men For Whites

Socialite Bad Black Tips Girls To Dump UG Men For Whites an accessible web community

By Spy Uganda

Kampala: Controversial socialite Bad Black aka Queen Masolo has offered free lectures to Ugandan girls on how to the quickest way to get out of poverty and make headway in life,in which she advised that the surest way is  to dump all Black, smelly, broke city lads for loaded white men!

The socialite sensationally claimed that getting married or having romantic relationships with white men is the surest way out of poverty than clinging on broke black Ugandan local men.

In an Instagram post seen by TheSpy Uganda, Bad Black advised girls to avoid stress, heart attacks and all manner of problems by ditching their African men for whites.

Bad Black Instagram Post About Dating White Men 

According to the lass, having a white man by your side means not having to work anymore since he will be providing everything.

“Dating or having white men heals brokenness because you don’t ever work. It prevents heart attack, pressure, depression, sugar, witchcraft, hate, etc,” she posted.

She insisted that no woman can ever be stressed if she gets enough money, good life and good ‘pekejeng’ from white men.

Bad Black During Her Love Moments With Her White Boyfriend 

“You cannot stress a woman who is always happy especially getting enough money and good bedminton and living your dream,” she added.

Bad Black said dating white men is better than having credentials and qualifications, Being Zari Hassan’s longtime nemesis, she had to drag her in her online advice session.

“So ladies look for white men and dump poverty don’t be like Zari ‘madam credentials,” she added.

It’s worthy noting that Black was in 2012 arrested over fraud and embezzlement of money from her former white boyfriend David Greenhalgh.

Greenhalgh said black embezzled U$2m which he sent to her from the United Kingdom to facilitate their company which they had opened in September 2010 to deal in real estate business an accessible web community

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