Bagyenda: Investigate Media On Why I Suffer From Mental & Physical Distress Over My Exposed Wealth!

Bagyenda: Investigate Media On Why I Suffer From Mental & Physical Distress Over My Exposed Wealth! an accessible web community

By Andrew Irumba

On a chilly Tuesday morning, while at Criminal Intelligence and Investigations Directorate (CIID) Headquarters Kibuli to respectfully answer to their summonses against seven (7) online publishers in regard to stories ran about former Director in-charge of Banks supervision at Bank of Uganda (BoU) Justine Nuwagaba Bagyenda, journalists were more perplexed to learn that Ms.Bagyenda is now mentally and physically stressed by the amount of money on her accounts! Yes, you read the right word, that’s how bitter the truth tastes!

We also learnt this yesterday through the interrogating officers at CIID, that whereas an average Ugandan is mentally and physically stressed for going into a bank and find a paltry balance of fifty thousand (50,000) Uganda shillings, Bagyenda’s mind runs into state of argony at the look of her fat accounts with Billions stacked like maize sacks, because she suspects abductors could soon trail her and her family for a ransom share since the media has ‘tipped’ them (abductors).

Andrew Irumba addressing the press at CIID Kibuli HQ on Tuesday shortly after recording a statement.

We learnt with shock that on the general inquiry file Bagyenda opened up at CIID against the 7 journalists namely; Andrew Irumba (TheSpy Uganda), Taddeo Senyonyi (Bussiness Focus), Raymond Wamala(Spy reports), John Njoroge(CEO Magazine), Giles Muhame (ChimpReports), Matooke Republic, Whisper Eye and  Eagle online, she alleges that because of the journalists’ continued reporting about her fat accounts, they should be held accountable incase her family is targeted by the now rampant ransom abductors, because the journalists  have shown the public that she has a lot of money, which could endanger her life.

Bagyenda also denies in her recorded statement at CIID that the quoted figures of money in the media are accurate and therefore demands that CIID investigates the motives of the journalists who spread the ‘false hoods’ about her accounts details.  “The stories published about me are ‘false, defamatory and extremely damaging’, and have caused untold mental and psychological distress, not only to me, but also my family members” she said in her statement read to the journalists by Mr.Kayiza Henry, the In-charge Cyber crime.

However, in his response, Spy Uganda’s Andrew Irumba said; “We stand by our story ran on our platform dated 2nd March 2018 titled ‘Bagyenda: How Governor Mutebile ‘Interrupted’ Future Africa’s Richest Woman’. We believe to the best of our knowledge that we wrote the truth, however, we are simply a microphone, we don’t manufacture news, if Ms.Bagyenda has ‘updated’ her accounts with deductions or additions, she can now give us her ‘truth’ and we shall run it free of charge. We will be glad to seat and listen to her side because we are not partisan”

On the issue of her security Irumba said; “I’m not aware that when I write the truth about a public official’s fat accounts, she gets security threats and therefore I’m liable, in other words, I should have written lies to guarantee her security!  It’s the role of the state to offer security to such officials when they feel insecure about their ‘own wealth’, not only to life but to property including her goats as well. The state is mandated by the constitution to protect life and property, not media. Should journalists opt to write lies that you’re poor whereas not in order to protect you?”

TheSpy Uganda, according to the file is accused of running a story about Bagyenda on 2nd March 2018 titled ‘Bagyenda: How Governor Mutebile ‘Interrupted’ Future Africa’s Richest Woman’, which, according to her, caused  physical and mental stress when it revealed her bank transaction details. Follow the link here…

Though seven journalists were summoned to appear before the deputy Director  CIID  Mr.William Kototyo on Tuesday 22/May/2018 at 10am, only 5 turned up in the company of their lawyers-Nicholas Opio from Chapter Four, a renown city activist lawyer and Lawyer Akela Derrick from Human Rights Network  for Journalists-Uganda (HRNJ) lead by his Executive Director Robert Ssempala. Those that turned up were;Andrew Irumba (TheSpy Uganda),Raymond Wamala and Bob Atwiine (spyreports), Taddeo Senyonyi(Bussiness Focus) and John Njoroge (CEO Magazine).

After the general interactions in the boardroom chaired by Mr. Kayiza Henry, the In-charge Cybercrime and Mr. D/ASP Bill Ndyamuhaki, journalists were led to record statements in Mr.Bill’s office that took close to 3 hrs and later set free. an accessible web community

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