Basajjabalaba In Hot Soup, Faces Censure

Basajjabalaba In Hot Soup, Faces Censure an accessible web community

By Michael Atwakiire

Bushenyi, Uganda: Jafari Basajjabalaba, the Bushenyi district chairman is in hot soup after his councilors turned against him and are now pushing for his censure.

The councilors accuse Basajjabalaba of alleged corruption, disrespect in the council, among other allegations. Sources within the council reveal that they have raised thirteen signatures out of the twenty which are required to convene a council session and kick off the process to censure their Chairman. The process of collecting signatures from councilors began on Friday 12th January, 2019 but and up to now they haven’t raised the number of signatures needed. However, the councilors are vowing to throw Basajjabalaba out of office.

However, this won’t be the first time for councilors in greater Bushenyi district to censor Chairman LC V. Some time back in 2017, councilors in  Mitooma district  censured Benon Karyaija Araali and up to now he has never returned  to office. an accessible web community

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