Be Calm!Rwanda,Uganda Border Impasse Will Be Resolved-Museveni

Be Calm!Rwanda,Uganda Border Impasse Will Be Resolved-Museveni an accessible web community

By Andrew Irumba

Kabale: Uganda President Yoweri Museveni has said, mutual talks between Uganda and Rwanda to revive cross border trade are progressing.

The President made remarks while addressing journalists on Tuesday at Kabale State Lodge.

After meeting local leaders from Kigezi Sub-region in western Uganda, Mr. Museveni said one of the reasons why he attended the latest Angola Summit was to discuss on the border issue.
“Recently we met the Rwandan leader in Angola and we discussed about the border issue. Leave it to us. Talks shall continue until the matter is completely resolved. It does not make sense to keep talking on radios but what is important is to ensure that the border issue is resolved,” said President Museveni.

“The issue took me to Angola to meet President Kagame and other leaders and I will not reveal what we discussed.”

In February Rwanda closed Gatuna border post for cargo trucks. But the border remained open for all other small cars and buses.

Kigali said that the border was closed for the completion of the one-stop border post.

Rwanda also stopped its citizens from crossing into Uganda, accusing Kampala of illegally arresting, torturing and deporting its citizens.

Uganda on the other hand, is accusing Rwanda of spying on its territory and infiltrating its security agencies.

The President further urged residents of Kigezi to use wetlands sustainably because God created them for a purpose and turning wetlands into gardens defies His plan.

Mr Museveni promised to compensate people whose land was taken over by government on Kihumuro Hill in Kabale District, where a UPDF barracks has been established and promised to deploy marine personnel on Lake Bunyonyi to prevent people from drowning in the lake an accessible web community

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