Bebe Cool Begs Kanye West For Collabo To Up His Game!

Bebe Cool Begs Kanye West For Collabo To Up His Game!

By Kobusiinge Monica

Ugandan artiste Moses Ssali aka Big Size Bebe Cool has through his social media channels, begged the visiting American rap singer and fashion designer Kanye West aka Ye to feature him on his current recording of a new album in Uganda. Bebe Cool said his move would open up the mind sets of many more local artistes who feel shy to go for what they want in life and end killing their dreams. Those close to Bebe Cool, especially his Gagamel Crew told this reporter that the ‘Kasepiki’ hit singer knelt down as he typed his message ready to share it with Kanye through his social media. Read…

“As an African open minded and know what I want artist, let me be the first one to openly make this request without any fear because it’s within a lot of young people in Africa to know what they want but fear to try, or make a move and by me doing this, my hope is it will inspire them to always confront challenges head-on” Bebe Cool posted on his Facebook page.

The ‘Love you every day’ singer added that, a lot of young people would be inspired by the “keep on trying” attitude than failing to try.

He thanked Kanye West alongside his wife, Kim Kardashian and management team for choosing Africa, but mainly Uganda as one of the countries where he would visit and record his album.

Bebe Cools said that despite Uganda’s small size, there is a lot to offer including but not limited to great sights and sounds, nature, wildlife and receptive people.

On if Kanye West would accept the request for a collabo, Bebe Cool had this to say, “I will understand if it doesn’t happen but at least I did not shy away from what I am sure all African artists would want me inclusive”

Bebe Cool, currently on a business trip to the US is a top African reggae and ragga musician from Uganda. He started his career around 1997 in Nairobi, Kenya, but a few years later he moved back to his native country Uganda. an accessible web community

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