Bebe Cool Is Faded,Confused: Rema Blasts Singer Over OTT Comments

Bebe Cool Is Faded,Confused: Rema Blasts Singer Over OTT Comments an accessible web community

By Samuel Opio

Social media tax has caused controversy not only in the political arena but also in the music Industry,with some prominent Artistes supporting Gov’t move to collect tax while others are extremely ached by the move.

The latest is Singer Moses Ssali commonly known by his stage name Bebe Cool. The Gagamel boss last week through his social media handle came out and supported the tax,and even castigated fellow artistes who went on streets last week to fight against the same.

However his comments have attracted a mountain of resistance from fellow artistes to the extent that some have started calling him all sort of names.

The first ones to openly castigate the ‘Bafudde’ hit maker was Alexander Bagonza commonly known as A Pass and Rema Namakula.

Rema Namakula blasted Bebe Cool’s comments on the controversial social media tax saying she is not surprised by the comments of a faded singer who has lost his touch with the society!

In her Facebook post which was later deleted, the bitter ‘Mucuzi’ hit maker hit at Bebe Cool using heavy words that clearly showed she was bitter with her former boss. Rema built her music career at Bebe’s Gagamel music label.

“Bebe Cool is seeking for another government bailout from his never ending bankruptcy,” she continued.

Rema added that she almost regrets for the years she worked with Bebe Cool.

“I almost regret the years I worked with that black orangutan, because I’m the only success story he mixes with his bogus excuses of failures,” angry Rema posted.

Rema’s angry Facebook page to her former boss.

Bebe Cool posted on his Facebook page saying, social media is luxury and it should be taxed. The singer continued to criticize the Ugandans who spend a lot of time on social media doing nothing but rather gossiping.

Part of his Facebook story read;

“Be genuine to yourself, for the period you have spent using social media, which financial gain have you received? A job, business idea, marriage partner, business contact OR nudity, jokes, lugambo, distraction of marriages, slaying, immorality? I am almost certain that the few of you who have gained the former have little or no problem paying a mere 200/= for something useful.

If you are the majority that gains nothing useful or sensible on social media, why continue spending money on it. Leave alone the 200/= but the tens of thousands of shillings on data. Banange twebalemu,”

In 2011, Bebe Cool teamed up with Rema for a Ceasle & Seckel song and later went on to produce another song dubbed ‘Missing You’.

In 2013 Bebe Cool fired Rema from The Gagamel family after he discovered that she was releasing a solo album without his consent. an accessible web community

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