Bebe Cool Joins Kusasira, Attacks Mayinja Over ‘Bizeemu’ Song

Bebe Cool Joins Kusasira, Attacks Mayinja Over ‘Bizeemu’ Song an accessible web community an accessible web community

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Celebrity musician Moses Ssali aka Bebe Cool has lashed out at fellow singer Ronald Mayinja, whom he blasted and assured that he has improved his life during President Museveni’s 35 yr rule.

Bebe Cool this photo where Mayinja was with a babe back in the day

In a statement he shared on his Facebook, Bebe Cool lashed out at Mayinja for claiming that the things which forced Museveni and others to go to the bush to fight past governments have resumed in Uganda.

Bebe Cool wrote thus: Ronald Mayinja of the 1980s and of today, discuss the topic hard work. As for me, I personally thank Mayinja for working so hard for a better life today and I pray he teaches the young people how he made it from the 80s to the present life he enjoys.

It is always important to remember where you came from to appreciate where you are.

Singa ddala BIZEEMU haaa Mayinja walifananye otya?”

Mayinja with Patrico Mujuuka years back

Mayinja raised controversy at Catherine Kusasira’s Concert at Serena hotel on Friday night when he sang his controversial ‘Bizeemu’ song in the presence of president Yoweri Museveni, who was at the show.

Kusasira got so pissed and ensured that Mayinja is thrown off stage, although she has since gone ahead to send him verbal attack’s.

While speaking at the concert, Museveni trashed Mayinja’s claims of Bizeemu and said that the National Resistance Movement doesn’t kill, but will instead hunt down the killers and none of the things the NRM Bush war fought have resumed.

However, according to Bebe Cool’s statement, Mayinja ought to appreciate Museveni for all the good things the singer has achieved under the NRM regime, instead of criticizing the same. an accessible web community an accessible web community

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