Behind The Scenes: Prince Wasajja Ill-Fated Boat Secrets Unmasked

Behind The Scenes: Prince Wasajja Ill-Fated Boat Secrets Unmasked

By Our Reporter

Buganda kingdom chief prince David K Wasajja’s name has appeared in several counts of the ill-fated boat that capsized into Lake Victoria last weekend.

Our Spy who preferred anonymity, revealed that prince Wasajja was among the organizers of the boat cruise, hired the boat to transport the revelers to his party at K Palm beach in Mukono.

Our source added that the soft-spoken gentleman worked hard to see that everyone is comfortable and get all sorts of drinks.

“There were some ladies who had become hesitant to board the vessel but he lured them and because of the respect we all had for him, we had to board because we even felt so secure and excited being with him on the same board. Wasajja himself was so happy, lively and ensured that everyone got all what they wanted. I remember when we were taking off, he said that no woman should remain on the shores, something forced fellow organizers to remove some guys from the boat to create space for the beautiful women since they wanted to be in line with the limit,” our source revealed.

One of the survivors Kiyemba Freeman a wealthy Buganda Kingdom official is also quoted in an interview with Salt TV saying that the capacity was between 90 – 110 passengers adding that the event organizers (that he never revealed) ensured that the numbers don’t exceed the stipulated numbers.

He added that though he was also among the people that had gotten a second thought of not boarding the ill-fated boat, he was later convinced to join because he never wanted to look like a saboteur.

“I was turned off because of the timing, we were supposed to set off at around 2:00pm but the boat delayed, and we started the journey when it was coming to 04:00pm. After setting off, me as a person who has moved to different world-class countries, I became curious with the way the vessel was sailing. Being honest these people were just milking money from it but without doing the necessary repairs!” He commented about the state of the boat citing that that they had earlier planned to use MV-Aman but they were unable after the owners gave comments indicating that it was under maintained and that’s how they made a last hour booking for MV-Templar.

33 bodies have been retrieved from the lake while 27 people were rescued alive.

The ill-fated boat is said to have been grounded at the Mukono based K Palm Beach for months, was pulled from the hanger for repairs and hurriedly painted to transport prince Wasajja’s guests for the party that was scheduled for Saturday night last week.

Our efforts to reach prince Wasajja for a comment were unfruitful because the known telephone number was unreachable.

However, on contacting the Authority, the Disaster and Preparedness Minister Musa Ecweru said that there is no problem if Prince Wasajja organize or go for a boat cruise.

Ecweru added that Wasajja is expected to enjoy life to the fullest citing that the tragedy was an accident and it would not be good to point fingers at individuals.

“Government also let down the partiers by failing to do enough regulation of the boats to ensure safety on the lake. It’s therefore immoral to condemn the dead and accuse them of wrongdoing and wishing to have them charged with criminal negligence,” he said during the monthly public policy dialogue session at Uganda Management Institute (UMI). an accessible web community

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