Big Story: DRC Parliament Freezes Ratification Of Agreements With Uganda Over ‘Gen Muhoozi, Kagame’s Support’ To M23 Rebels

Big Story: DRC Parliament Freezes Ratification Of Agreements With Uganda Over ‘Gen Muhoozi, Kagame’s Support’ To M23 Rebels

By Spy Uganda Correspondent

The National Assembly, which is examining the enabling bill to allow the government to legislate during the parliamentary vacation period, has announced to the public’s surprise major measures, including the suspension of the ratification of agreements with the Uganda. For good reason, the lower house of the Congolese Parliament considered that “Kampala betrayed Kinshasa by signing agreements with Kigali”.

For the DRC, Uganda just like Rwanda are not credible partners for the DRC. According to the President of the National Assembly, Christophe Mboso, the suspension of the ratification of the draft ratification of the agreements signed with Uganda is supported by many national deputies.

“This file has already been sent to us. We blocked it at the office level, we said: it does not pass…”, said Christophe Mboso, President of the National Assembly said while addressing national elected officials during the plenary session of this Tuesday, June 14, 2022.

Mr. Mboso points the finger at the behavior of the son of the Ugandan president, Yoweri Museveni who, in a series of tweets, reiterated his support for Paul Kagame while the M23 which is supported by Kigali, according to Kinshasa, carries out attacks in the territory from Rutshuru.

“We spoke with the Minister of Foreign Affairs. Besides, he agrees with us, even before this happened to us, before these troops did what they did, we said following the pact that Museveni’s son signed with Rwanda, we don’t let this deal pass. He showed us that he signed his pact, he just betrayed us. We said, we don’t accept.”

Among the recent agreements signed with Uganda, there are in particular those leading to the construction and modernization of 1,182 kilometers of the main road network linking the two countries. This project is proceeding in stages. The first concerns 223 kilometers of priority roads at an estimated cost of 335 million USD. Three parties have pledged to fund this first step. Uganda and DRC would contribute 20% each and Dott Services, the implementation company will cover the remaining 60% (201 million).

Kampala has already authorized the disbursement of 66 million, while Kinshasa has still not decided on the first disbursements while the project was officially launched in June 2021 by Yoweri Museveni and Félix Tshisekedi. an accessible web community

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