Bishop Advises University Graduands To Treasure Their Bodies

Bishop Advises University Graduands To Treasure Their Bodies

By Micheal Atwakiire

Sheema: Rt.Rev.Bishop Johnson Twinomujuni has advised students and graduates of Ankore Western University to protect their bodies if they need a successful future.

Twinomujuni made the remarks on Wednesday while attending Ankole Western University graduation ceremony at Kabwohe, Sheema District. He advised students to avoid things that would harm their bodies saying for one to be successful, he or she needs a healthy body.
“My simple advice to you who have just graduated, take care of your bodies, don’t be so much excited and end up falling in earthly traps, you have now started a new chapter. And don’t be mean to yourselves, spend what you have to make your body healthy by eating a balanced diet, carrying out medical checkups and pray to God,” he said.

Twinomujuni also advised female graduands to always dress decently. He was however disappointed seeing some girls dressing miniskirts on a graduation function.
“As a parent, first of all I thank all the graduands especially girls who dressed decently except two girls who came with mini dresses, I wonder seeing a girl on her graduation dressing as if she is going for a night disco, It’s not true that you become smart after wearing a mini skirt, instead long dresses make you smarter. I encourage you to always dress smartly because no one is interested in seeing your thighs,” he advised.

Some of students who graduated on 10 July 2019

Bishop Nathan Ahimbisiibwe of North West Ankore Diocese who was the guest of honor urged graduands to know where they came from by respecting their parents who paid school fees up to success.
“Some of the students after graduation forget their parents, be helpful to your parents, look after them more than they did when you were studying” Bishop Nathan Ahimbisiibwe

He also advised politicians to love development by sensitizing and nearing developmental programs to their voters instead of misleading them.
“I encourage our political leaders to love development especially by developing their voters, any politician who doesn’t develop his or her people he claim to be leading, isn’t a good leader. ” Bishop Nathan

Some of the graduates like Sylvia Kworekwa thanked God for those who managed to pay their tuition tirelessly up to success and advised other students to trust a few people in their course of studying.

This was the first time ever, for Ankore Western University to graduate its own Bachelor’s Degree students.

11 graduated with degrees, 196 with diploma and 112 with certificates. an accessible web community

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