Bloody as Ministers Kamya,Tumukunde vows to take over K’la Boda boda Industry: Lord mayor vow to fight back.

Bloody as Ministers Kamya,Tumukunde vows to take over K’la Boda boda Industry: Lord mayor vow to fight back. an accessible web community

By Peter ssebulime and Andrew Irumba

The Minister of Kampala Betty Olive Turwomwe Namisango Kamya (BONK) has directed KCCA to take up the management of Boda boda Industry in Kampala. According to Minister Kamya,KCCA with Kamya herself  as minister  incharge of Kampala will work hand in hand with security ministry Maj.Gen.Henry Tumukunde. This comes after the recent arrest of top Bosses of Boda Bida 2010 headed by once powerful Abdallah Kittata whom the minister accused of causing ‘causing insecurity in most parts of Kampala’.

“Kitatta and his group boda boda 2010 have been disorganizing all our plans of organizing and managing this industry thinking that he is above the law,” Kamya was quoted to have said.

She said that she met with the security minister Maj.Gen.Henry Tumukunde and they agreed to meet Boda Boda leaders in Kampala and pave a way forward on how they can re-organize this industry. The minister has assured all Boda boda groups that by next week, KCCA will have laid down all plans on how this is going to be done, starting with fresh registration of all boda bodas and their stages in Kampala.

“President Museveni yesterday (Friday) complained that tourists and investors, who come to the country, have complained about the boda boda transport and the insecurity it brings. When these people see this disorganization, they take a bad image of our city. So we have to sort it out as soon as possible,” Kamya warned.

The minister also revealed that apart from tourists, other stake holders have been complaining. “Officials from Mulago Hospital claim that about 60% of the hospital money is used on treating people with wounds from boda boda accidents, Traffic officers claim that Boda boda riders don’t follow traffic laws,these are matters that are of great concern” Kamya said.

According to Kamya, They have already formed a committee that will be spearheaded by KCCA and will start its work on Monday next week with fresh plans on how the boda boda industry will be managed. She also warned against any groups arresting any boda boda rider.

“The registration of boda bodas will help to increase the tax base for Kampala because almost 150,000 boda bodas have not been paying taxes”, Kamya said.

It should be remembered that boda boda transport has for a long time been controlled by Gen Kale Kayihura through Abdallah Kitatta, who always claims that they help him in monitoring the city to prevent crime.

No way! Not at ease! Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago vowed to fight on.

Meanwhile,the city Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago dismissed Kamya’s plans of taking over boda bida industry in Kampala arguing that her plans are not legally binding but ‘simply trying to usurp’ his (lordmayor’s) powers. “What she is doing is simply political machinations as she has been doing,remember she promised her boss that she would deliver to him 80% support in 2021 in Kampala,that’s what she trying to but she is wasting her time” Lukwago said. an accessible web community

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