Bloody Row Erupts In Tooro Royal Family Over Late King George Kamurasi’s Kilembe Mines Multibilion Shares!

Bloody Row Erupts In Tooro Royal Family Over Late King George Kamurasi’s Kilembe Mines Multibilion Shares! an accessible web community

By Spy Uganda

To kick off this from its initial genesis, late Rukirabasaija Sir George David Matthew Kamurasi Rukidi III, the grandfather of reigning Tooro Kingdom King Oyo Nyimba Kabamba Iguru Rukidi IV had shares in Kilembe mines, Uganda’s largest copper mine. However, when Kingdoms were abolished all their properties were taken by Government. Remember Kingdoms were returned in 1993, but most properties up-to-date are still in the hands of the Government.

Now, after 50yrs of not remitting anything into the family coffers by the Government, the children of the late King Kamurasi led by one of the children prince Engineer Gilbert Mujogya decided to drag Government to court over their shares which were valued in billions.

Indeed the family won the case and the Government accepted to pay the family in phases. Total compensation so far, according to close sources within the Ministry of Finance is approximately Shs1.9billion. As a matter of fact, last Monday, the Government wanted to release the first payment of approximately shs 600m. However, no sooner had the Government pressed the ‘green button’ on the payment switchboard than the Mujogya’s own siblings blocked the same!

Mujogya’s siblings led by the United Kingdom-based princess Mabel Komuntale and Margaret Komubaizi aka Muka Joy, through their lawyer, Fred Mukasa Mbidde of Mbidde & Co.Advocates aver that their ‘smart’ brother Gilbert Mujogya had stealthily submitted an account whose details are only known to him and his beloved wife.

In a letter intercepted by the mighty Spy Uganda inked to the Permanent Secretary to the Treasury, Kamurasi’s children, who include senior Presidential Advisor on Cultural Affairs Princess Elizabeth Bagaya accuse Mujogya of trying to divert their family shares into a personal account for selfish personal interests.

”We act for and on behalf of the children of Sir George Rukidi III led by Princess Mabel Komuntale. The family of the late Sir George Rukiidi Ill filed a case against the Government of Uganda in 2017 for the shares they owned in Kilembe Mines, of which dividends they have not received for over five (5) decades. The family won the case against Government and Government accepted to compensate the family.

However, along the way in the execution of the judgment, one of the beneficiaries (one Gilbert Mujogya) exhibited ill motives intended to subvert the will of the Court and other relevant authorities by submitting a totally strange Bank Account for compensation rather than the Bank Account agreed upon by the family,” partially reads the letter inked by  Fred Mukasa Mbidde of Mbidde & Co.Advocates lawyer of Kamurasi’s children.

The children now requests PS treasury to intervene and temporarily halt the disbursement of the funds to that Bank Account in question until issues regarding the Account and some other unrelated issues are resolved.

Letter To PS Treasury Objecting Government’s Compensation To Kamurasi’s Children Through Mujogya’s Bank Account.

Speaking to this reporter on Wednesday last week, princess Komuntale said she wants the money to be put on a family account, where its use will be strictly followed.

“You look at our father’s grave in Kibiito Hagasani and see how it looks like. Look at all the other tombs of our great former leaders of the Kingdom, these people don’t get ashamed. All they do is collect money and develop their own private things. So part of this money when it comes must go renovating all these tombs among others,” she said.

Princess Komuntale, who ran to exile in 1999 after the gruesome murder of her nephew Happy Kiijangoma and sensed that her life was reportedly in danger too, said she was returning to Uganda in December 2022, after over 20yrs in ‘exile’.

“After killing my nephew Kiijanangoma and two Makerere students at the University gate, I was told I was next. Security had to whisk me away to London to save my life.

King Kamurasi produced 26 children, but most have since died. an accessible web community

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