‘Bobi Wine Is A Toddler In Uganda’s Poltics, He Should Wait For 2026 Presidency’ – Gen. Kasirye Ggwanga

‘Bobi Wine Is A Toddler In Uganda’s Poltics, He Should Wait For 2026 Presidency’ – Gen. Kasirye Ggwanga

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Retired Uganda Peoples Defence Forces (UPDF) Maj. Gen. Kasirye Ggwanga has stirred up dust within the  corridors of power after he revealed that he is  grooming and supporting People Power movement leader Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine, to take over as president in 2026, not 2021 as he intends, because the Kyadondo East legislation is an amateur in Uganda’s politics.

Gen. Ggwanga made this revelation  on Monday morning in an interview with NBS TV’s Simon Kaggwa Njala, who hosts the ‘Morning Breeze’ programme,  during which he revealed that he is training  Bobi Wine  to be the next president in 2026.

“President Museveni made these very people who are challenging him. About Bobi Wine, I am training him to be the next president come 2026. For now, let him first [leave Museveni to lead],” Ggwanga said.

He noted that although Museveni’s time is running out, he will not take anyone who was a ‘toddler’ when he took over power, such as Kyagulanyi, very seriously.

“From what you have seen and what we have done, do you think I am going to take anyone seriously who was a toddler by the time we took power? I do not have time to go telling President Museveni what has gone wrong. He knows what has gone wrong,” Ggwanga said.

He added that “I wish we get someone better. I have beautiful children I made during his (Museveni) reign. I want to see him retire, but where will he go? With the way people are waiting for our demise, they are scaring us out of retirement. We have not done anything wrong. People need to change their attitude towards us the generals.”

Ggwanga Speaks About Tumukunde’s Arrest

When he was asked t for a comment about the arrest of Lt. Gen Henry Tumukunde, Gen. Ggwanga expressed concern about manner in which he was arrested, saying that Generals shouldn’t be arrested like that.

“He (Tumukunde) is a very smart guy. You should be worried about him. You do not arrest Generals like goats. What is coming up might destroy what we have worked for in the last 35 years,” Ggwanga said.

He however laughed off Tumukende’s bid to unseat President Museveni, saying he will be ‘knocked out’ because ‘no one is allowed to mess up Uganda.’

As the country gear towards the 2021 general election, Ggwanga said he prays that he makes it to 2021 alive and if he does, he will support President Museveni.

 Ggwanga noted that “I will campaign for him (Museveni) for as long as he is alive. I came with him and I will leave with him. I do not campaign for any of these juniors (Besigye, Muntu) you are talking about.”

He also bashed some army officers who he said believe they should be treated specially since they fought, saying they fought on their own since no one sent them to the bush.

“No one sent you [to the bush]. You did that on your own,” Ggwanga said.

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