BoU Exposed Again: Journalist Mukose Runs To Court Over Scandalous Appointment Of Bagyenda’s Replacement Twinemanzi

BoU Exposed Again: Journalist Mukose Runs To Court Over Scandalous Appointment Of Bagyenda’s Replacement Twinemanzi an accessible web community

By Spy Uganda

Kampala: Following the appointment of Dr.Tumubweine Twinemanzi in 2018 as the Executive Director in charge of supervision at Bank of Uganda, a concerned taxpayer and famous journalist Arnold Anthony Mukose has dragged government to court challenging its ‘deadly’ move that may lead not only loss of taxpayers money but also collapse of Bank of Uganda since the appointment was illegal.

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“Before the recruitment of the third respondent (Twinemanzi), there was no advertisement for the job in at least two local newspapers and one weekly newspaper, the Bank of Uganda website or other media of communication. There was no internal or external advertisement for the job,” Mukose said revealing how the Bank of the whole country appointment a staff under dubious means.

Mukose further noted in his suit filed before the civil division of the High Court in Kampala, that Twinemazi who replaced controversial Justine Bagyenda was appointed when there was no determination by the heads of the department.

He adds, “There was no request by the Executive Director, Administration to the Governor to recruit an Executive Director in charge of supervision through headhunting.”

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Not only the above, but disappointed Mukose asserted that “The third respondent has a pass degree of Bachelor of Science in Statistics and Applied Economics from Makerere University, 1996 and is not qualified to be recruited to work in Bank of Uganda. He has never worked in any commercial bank and therefore has no working experience relevant to commercial banking and is accordingly incapable of effectively working as Executive Director, supervision.”

Mukose goes ahead to not only expose dirty appointments sighted in BoU but also reveals that Inspectorate of Government is among the government agencies sleeping on the job since the illegal staff recruitment of Twinemanzi was reported to them instead of acting, turned their ears deaf.

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“The Inspectorate of Government accordingly directed the Board of Directors of Bank of Uganda not to ratify any actions or decisions taken by the Governor in relation to the impugned appointments and transfers until such a time as the investigations by the inspectorate have been conducted or this office directs otherwise,” Mukose says.

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Therefore, Mukose Wants; “Court should declare that the continued employment of Twinemanzi Tumubweine as Executive Director, supervision for Bank of Uganda in spite the intervention of the office of the Inspectorate General of Government and in spite of the report of the Presidential Tripartite Committee is illegal and continues to be tainted with irrationality, procedural impropriety and unfairness.” an accessible web community an accessible web community

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