Breaking! ‘God’ Owobusobozi Bisaka Succumbs To Covid-19 In Kenya!

Breaking! ‘God’ Owobusobozi Bisaka Succumbs To Covid-19 In Kenya! an accessible web community

By Andrew Irumba

Exclusive information reaching our desk confirms that self-proclaimed “God” Owobusoobozi Bisaka of Kagadi’s Faith of Unity Church is dead.

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Sources say the former Roman Catholic follower succumbed to COVID-19 in one of the Kenyan hospitals on January 12, 2021 but his death had been hidden.

As we say RIP to his Soul, Here Is What You Need To Know About Bisaka & His Religion

Mr.Dosteo Owobusobozi Bisaka was born on 11 June 1930 in the Kitoma Kiboizi village, Buyanja county, Kibaale district in Western Uganda.

His parents were Petero Byombi and Agnes Kabaoora. Both of them were staunch members of the local Catholic parish of Bujuni.

According to Bisaka, he spent little time with his parents, as he lived and grew up with his grandparents from the age of eight years. His father was a Catholic catechist, as was his grandfather, Alifonsio Wenkere, who was a pioneer convert at Bujuni Catholic parish.

His grandmother, Martha Nyakaka, was also a Catholic convert and a captive in the palace of Mengo, where she witnessed the martyrdom of Charles Lwanga and 21 other Ugandan martyrs in the 19th century. While his grandfather was occupied with church activities at the local parish, young Bisaka was tutored in Catholic teachings and doctrines by his grandmother, whose spiritual life formed a backbone and religion moral compass for her grandson.

As it would become evident later in Bisaka’s life, his grandmother did not only transmit the Catholic doctrines of the time to him, but also her experience of horror, conflict, violence and intolerance, and divisiveness which missionary Christianity heralded at the time in their local communities.

Bisaka later abandoned the Catholic Church in 1980, claiming that he experienced special powers and heard a loud voice from God that kept directing him to start healing people.

To the followers of Bisaka this honorific title means ‘Almighty God’ in Runyoro. He says “On February 22, 1980, I accepted and touched a sick person who got healed.”

About His Religion

The organization formally called the Faith of Unity Religion, used to call itself in the official Runyoro language, Itambiro ly’Omukama Ruhanga Owamahe Goona Ery’Obumu (‘The Association for the Healing Place of God of All Armies’). It has over time transmuted from an ‘association’ into a full-fledged ‘religion’.

The Faith of Unity congregation prays every 2nd, 12th and 22nd day of the month. For the rest of the days, each follower develops a list of good things they hope for daily. While coming to church,they must all put on white clothes,just like their ‘God’.

The group does not believe in the Bible, calling it divisive but uses ‘the book of the Faith of Unity’ authored by Owobusobozi and spells out cleaning courtyards, grazing animals, washing, hunting, donating, smiling at friends and praying to God as deeds that can give one eternal life.

The FoU is a deliberately reclusive and world-avoiding organization –founded in Kapyemi, a village on the cusp of a hill in Muhurro town, with a population of 20,000 residents in the district of Kagadi, Western Uganda.

According to the former Vicar General of Hoima Catholic Church, Msgr. Mathias Nyakatura, representing the local and official Catholic opinion on Bisaka and his FoU, claims that Bisaka was after self-enrichment: ‘He wanted money because he was not being paid well.

“He tricks people to get money, but we pray for him and his followers to repent, he said, If Bisaka ‘was not being paid well”, it was the fault of the Catholic Church that exploited him for his labour and underpaid him”. an accessible web community

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