Breaking! Kabarole District Council Passes Resolution To Suspend Singing Of Tooro Anthem For Stealing Kingdom Land

Breaking! Kabarole District Council Passes Resolution To Suspend Singing Of Tooro Anthem For Stealing Kingdom Land an accessible web community

By Spy Uganda

Kabarole: It’s another big blow to the most scandalous Kingdom in Uganda, the Tooro Kingdom after Kabarole District Council members passed a resolution to stop singing the Kingdom Anthem at the opening of their sittings in protest of the “dirty leadership of their king and his mother.”

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Sitting at Kitumba District headquarters on Friday, March 12, 2021, furious council members decided to join Mr.Joram Bintamanya (mukono gwe’kyoma) who has for three years rejected standing or in any way honour the kingdom anthem wherever it would be sung while opening the district council. When once asked by our reporter why he behaved as such, Joram explained that he was protesting against the Kingdom’s various ‘atrocities’ against their subjects.

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Bringing you back to today’s sitting, the council members noted that they can’t go-ahead to sing the anthem before the King and his mother repent from;

1-Evicting poor people from the land
2-Conniving with Gov’t to change kingdom properties into King Oyo and trying to compensate him as an individual.
3-Using impunity against their subjects on Kingdom land.
4-Failure to respect Tooro Elders’ forum’s resolutions led by Prof Edwards Rugumayo on peaceful co-existence
5-Failure to respect Religious leaders’ resolutions led by the Bishops.

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Meanwhile, the resolution to ban the anthem was moved by Hon.Peter Bazira representing Kichwamba sub-county, seconded by Kabarole District LCV Richard Rwabuhinga and supported by the majority of members of the council and finally stamped by the speaker of the council Hon.Kyorampe Stella.

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The development comes a few days after the reigning King of Tooro Kingdom, Rukirabasaija Oyo Nyimba Kabamba Iguru Rukidi IV Amooti, Queen mother Best Kemigisa Akiiki and government were dragged to court over endless Kingdom property scandals.

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The chairman of the Babiito ruling clan, father Charles Oyo, who is also King Oyo’s uncle told this reporter that among other actions they’re taking as a clan is to take their own son (King Oyo) to court over the sale of Kingdom properties, which he simply inherited from their great grandfathers.

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“As I speak to you now, I’m in Katooke Mwenge chairing elders, clan members and the general public, getting their signatures which are required to make our case both in Court and the prime minister’s office,” he said. an accessible web community

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