Breaking: Opening Premier League Fixtures,TV Picks Revealed For Restarted 2019/20 Season.

Breaking: Opening Premier League Fixtures,TV Picks Revealed For Restarted 2019/20 Season. an accessible web community

By Spy Uganda.

London: Coronavirus suspended the Premier League in March, and it will return more than three months after being halted when Man City play Arsenal and Aston Villa host Sheffield United on Wednesday, June 17.

The first full matchday is scheduled to begin two days later, starting on Friday, June 19 and running over the weekend.

And the fixtures and TV picks have been officially announced for the first three matchdays as seen below!

Wednesday, June 17
6pm – Aston Villa vs Sheffield United (Sky Sports).
8:15pm – Man City vs Arsenal (Sky Sports).

Friday, June 19
6pm – Norwich City vs Southampton (Sky Sports/Pick).
8:15pm – Spurs vs Man United (Sky Sports).

Saturday, June 20
12:30pm – Watford vs Leicester City (BT Sport).
3pm – Brighton vs Arsenal (BT Sport).
5:30pm – West Ham vs Wolves  (Sky Sports).
7:45pm – AFC Bournemouth vs Crystal Palace (BBC).

Sunday, June 21
2pm – Newcastle United vs Sheffield United (Sky Sports/Pick).
4:15pm – Aston Villa vs Chelsea (Sky Sports).
7pm – Everton vs Liverpool (Sky Sports/Pick).

Monday, June 22
8pm – Man City vs Burnley (Sky Sports).

Tuesday, June 23
6pm – Leicester City vs Brighton (Sky Sports).
8:15pm – Spurs vs West Ham (Sky Sports).

Wednesday, June 24
6pm – Man United vs Sheffield United (Sky Sports/Pick).
6pm – Newcastle United vs Aston Villa (BT Sport).
6pm – Norwich City vs Everton (BBC).
6pm – Wolves vs AFC Bournemouth (BT Sport).
8:15pm – Liverpool vs Crystal Palace (Sky Sports).

Thursday, June 25
6pm – Burnley vs Watford (Sky Sports/Pick).
6pm – Southampton vs Arsenal (Sky Sports).
8:15pm – Chelsea vs Man City (BT Sport).

Saturday. June 27
12:30pm – Aston Villa vs Wolves (BT Sport).

Sunday, June 28
4:30pm – Watford vs Southampton (Sky Sports/Pick).

Monday, June 29
8pm – Crystal Palace vs Burnley (Amazon Prime Video).

Tuesday, June 30
8:15pm – Brighton vs Man United (Sky Sports/Pick).

Wednesday, July 1
6pm – Arsenal vs Norwich City (BT Sport).
6pm – AFC Bournemouth vs Newcastle United (Sky Sports/Pick).
6pm – Everton vs Leicester City (Sky Sports).
8:15pm – West Ham vs Chelsea (Sky Sports).

Thursday, July 2
6pm – Sheffield United vs Spurs (Sky Sports).
8:15pm – Man City vs Liverpool (Sky Sports). an accessible web community

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