Breaking: Radio Simba’s Bizonto Comedians Arrested Over Sectarian Video Skit!

Breaking: Radio Simba’s Bizonto Comedians Arrested Over Sectarian Video Skit! an accessible web community

By Andrew Irumba

Friday morning CMI operatives swung into action and arrested four of Radio Simba’s employees commonly known as Bizonto comedians.

The arrested are the head of the comedy group Julius Serwanja aka  Kidomole, Mbabali Malicel, Ki-Gold Matono aka Mr.Opeto and Sabakachi Peter aka Kazonto akatono.

According to Bizonto’s group manager  Ndawula Peter aka Omulangira Ndawusi, who is also their boss in their morning show at Radio Simba FM 97.3 Ffe Mwe, Mwe ffe , they were arrested over a comedy skit video which went viral on social media last month, in which they were allegedly ‘insinuating’ that all juicy Government jobs in Uganda are a preserve of Banyankole tribe.

“Yeah, it’s true,CMI guys followed them from their homes this morning up to the station, and when they arrived here, they wanted to take them before the show. I pleaded with them to first wait for our show to end, which they did. While all these were happening, I never told them otherwise they wouldn’t have been able to work well on air.

Meanwhile, they (CMI) surrounded the whole station and deployed two drone cameras to ensure they don’t escape.  They said there’s a video skit they shared which promotes secretarinism, and now they’re being detained at CMI,” Ndawusi told this reporter on phone on Friday morning.

It’s alleged that,in the video clip, Bizonto comedians asked the young generation to pray for Banyankore, who are serving in positions in the government, starting from the President to the Deputy IGP Sabiti Mzei. an accessible web community

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