Britania’s Dawda, Kabaka  Celebrate Silver Jubillee On Same Day!

Britania’s Dawda, Kabaka Celebrate Silver Jubillee On Same Day! an accessible web community

By our reporter

Okay, it’s now a public secret that Uganda’s strongest king, as of today, is Kabaka of Buganda HRH Ronald Edward Frederick Kimera Muwenda Mutebi II, no debate about that. It’s also a public secret, atleast by now that he is the reigning 36th Kabaka of Buganda and yesterday Tuesday 31st July 2018 marked his 25 years on the throne (25th Silver Anniversary/Jubileewo). Oookay…

But did you actually ever know or just imagine that when the entire Buganda Kingdom was busy fighting for the restoration of their Kingdom and enthronement of their beloved Kabaka, together with other kingdoms like Tooro ,Ankole, Busoga etc, the amount of energy, time, words and sentences unleashed in winning ‘Ssabagabe’s’ heart to finally accept them to operate are the same that Britania Allied’s aka Splash Managing Director Vinay Dawda equally deployed to win the heart of his sweet heart Tina Dawda way back in 1993?!

But did you also know that, as Kabaka cuucu Nantawetwa Magulu Nnyondo Musota nantakubirwa ssimu Mpologoma Y’a Buganda Ronald Edward Fredrick Kimera Muwenda Mutebi 11 was getting unto the throne to rule Buganda as the 36th Kabaka of Buganda on 31/July 1993, Mr.Vinay was also busy INTO Tina’s throne [heart], winning her into the kingdom of House of Dawda family?

Ooh yeah, it’s on the 31st July 1993 when Mr. Vinay promised Tina that he would get her a unique golden stone from the mars planet, made by God, not manufactured by man! I’m sure he is still on his way….!!!!

Vinay and Tina now jointly run a multibillion family business as CEO and MD respectively,dealing in importation and distribution of various products including Colgate products under their trade Company name Charms Uganda Ltd,  located in Ntinda Industrial area.

Together they have two children Yash Dawda a boy in his 20s and Karishma Dawda a girl in her 18s. They both live and study in UK, but come to check on their parents in Uganda and Kenya.

Well, here at TheSpy Uganda wish the couple a happy and joyous 25th silver marriage Anniversary. But let’s also take you through what their other friends across the world said about their historic day….follow. an accessible web community

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