Bryan White Faces Arrest Over Sexual Abuse, Torture As Parliament Summons Him

Bryan White Faces Arrest Over Sexual Abuse, Torture As Parliament Summons Him an accessible web community

By Andrew Irumba

Socialite Brian Kirumira aka Bryan White’s days as a free man are now numbered! This, after he was on Thursday summoned by the Parliamentary Human Rights Committee, over allegations of  drugging and defiling a young girl, raping his female employees, forcing them to abort, among other heinous crimes.

His summons came after  one of his former employees identified as Vivian Mutanda (17yrs), accused the pencil think self proclaimed billionaire before the Human Rights Committee of Parliament of forcing her into unprotected group sex at his residence in Munyonyo, Kampala and Mityana. She also alleged that he continuously raped her for the time she was employed at his Foundation-bryan White Foundation, and forced her to abort three times.

However, Bryan White’s other accuser identified as  Stella Nandawula also appeared before the Committee but denied allegations of sexual abuse. But her mother (names withheld on request) insisted that her daughter was also raped by the socialite and that she fears going public about the matter.

Vivian Mutanda appearing before the Parliamentary Human Rights Committee

But while the Human Rights Committee was still grappling with Mutanda and Nandawula’s allegations, another girl who claims to have been drugged and defiled by Bryan White, also came out  and spilled secrets about his shameless sexual acts.

The girl identified as Leticia Nabulime, is currently based in Germany, where she fled after allegedly getting several threats from the socialite, following accusations that he drugged, defiled and impregnated her while she was working at his Foundation  in Busunju-Mityana, but later denied responsibility for the pregnancy, although he didn’t deny forcing her into sex.

Leticia Nabulime accuses Bryan White of drugging, defiling her, impregnating her and later denying responsibility

Nabulime narrates her ordeal thus;

“I started as an usher and office help in 2019, after my mother helped me to get a job at the bryan White Foundation in Busunju. After a few months  I was later promoted to being his Assistant.

At the time I had just completed High School and I was 17 years then but since I had nothing to do at home, I saw the employment as a great opportunity.

Bryan White denies all the allegations levied against him by the girls

However, after one week, he told us  we were not looking good, so we had to go to salon. He gave us money (Me, Vivian and Stella)  and we went to Kampala, where we were staying at his home in Munyonyo.

After a few days we returned to Busunju and he threw a party to celebrate the opening of his Foundation  and he bought expensive booze for the party.

But since I was not used to drinking alcohol, I  decided to drink a coke, which I poured in a plastic glass.

It was a private party that went up to 3:00Am and he ensured that all the other Foundation members were locked out of the house; it was only me, Vivian Stella that were allowed to enter the house.

Bryan White with Stella Nanttumbwe, whom he also allegedly sexually abused

However, much as I was drinking coke, I suspect he spiked my drink, because later in the night I became so weak and blacked out. But I remember he raped me that night and I was so weak to fight back because of drugs or booze he had put in my drink.

By the time I woke up  the next day, I realised that he had raped me. I told my mother that I wanted to go home but she refused, insisting that I stay at his place.

Later we developed misunderstandings, I told Stella that I felt like I was pregnant. She gave me a Pregnancy Test Kit which I used but didn’t get the right results.

I didn’t want to go through what Stella and Vivian had said. Stella had told me all the nasty things he had done to her; Vivian also said she wanted to leave but he refused.

After a few days I returned to Kampala and went to a clinic where a doctor told me I was pregnant. I told my mother, who went to Bryan White but he insulted her and chased her from his place.

He denied responsibility for the pregnancy so I had to hustle with the pregnancy until I later gave birth to the child, whom I am taking care of without any help from him. The only help he has ever given me was Shs2m which I used to process my travel documents to Germany. If he is denying responsibility of the child, then I’m willing and ready  for a DNA test.” she submitted.

We have learnt that after listening to the accusations, the State Minister for Youth and Children Affairs Florence Nakiwala  Kiyingi  has vowed to arrest Bryan White if he is found culpable.

Minister Nakiwala said that; “It is a crime to defile an underage girl. We shall have to first do DNA on the child to ensure that child belongs to him. After getting DNA, the mother will tell us who the real father of the child is and if we find that the child’s DNA matches with his, then we shall arrest the person responsible.”

Minister Nakiwal Kiyingi is ready to arrest Bryan White for defilement and sexual abuse

She added that “It is a heinous crime to defile and to force an underage girl drink alcohol. The punishment for defilement in life imprisonment!”

However, our efforts to contact Bryan White for a comment about these allegations were futile  because he couldn’t be reached on his known mobile phone contacts. Watch the space…… an accessible web community

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