Bryan White’s Health Deteriorates As Nakasero  Hospital Fearfully Discharges Him

Bryan White’s Health Deteriorates As Nakasero Hospital Fearfully Discharges Him an accessible web community

By Spy Uganda

Kampala: After a couple of days in Nakasero hospital Bryan White has been discharged due to the situation of his health that has continued to worsen resulting from excessive pain from his lower chambers of the stomach.

Last months Bryan was admitted at Nakasero however both hospital and his personal doctors could not trace the exact problem with his health till they decided to collect Bryan White’s blood samples and reportedly taken to England for more close tests and analytics since in Uganda everything had been tried but all in vain.

However according to close friends of Bryan, they revealed that White’s medical condition worsened after he received summons from the Parliament of Uganda concerning woes he was involved in including alleged rape, violation of Human rights among others.

Bryan White’s Life Before With Glamorous Chicks.

This was after former employees who were serving in his Foundation known as Bryan White Foundation accused him of rape, torture, forced abortions, intimidation, denial for pay and excessive mistreatment.

Due to the attention victims got from the media pinning their employer Bryan, Parliament through Human Rights committee intervened and summoned Bryan however, he didn’t appear in person as was asked rather forwarded his lawyer who put up a solid defence for his client revealing that Bryan White had been hospitalized.

Parliament Summons Bryan White Over Allegations Of Sex Abuse & Violations Of Human Rights

Reports have been published that the Parliament recently sent its scouts and investigators to confirm if Bryan was really ill after he failed to turn up for the second time. However, our spies are still on ground to find out Parliament’s decision on what was discovered.

While in hospital Bryan raised his request to whom it is concerned that he wants to speak to the President HE. YK Museveni about tough moments he is passing through and also be paid for the works he did while still working with the government.

“I want to speak to the President of Uganda about certain things and I also want to be paid for the works I did while still working with the government ” Bryan requested his P/A Kasuku. an accessible web community

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