Buganda Kingdom Urges Ugandans To Amass Wealth When Still Young

Buganda Kingdom Urges Ugandans To Amass Wealth When Still Young

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By Gad Masereka

Mengo: Loyalists from Buganda kingdom have urged youth in Buganda to work hard when still young to allow them meet their dreams in future.

The remarks were made on Monday afternoon during the ‘Oluwalo’ function at Bulange Mengo, where the Minister for information, Cabinet Ministers, Lukiiko, Protocol and the Kingdom Spokesperson Hon. Noah Kiyimba who represented the Katikiro Charles Peter Mayiga.

Deputy Speaker (Right) greets Comrade

Kiyimba said; “It is important to groom the young generation into knowing their cultural norms and other traditional activities that may keep them on track as they grow old.’’

Some of the Buganda Kingdom officials at the event

He added that “Since the Kabaka is the star of Buganda kingdom, he urged the youth to be aware of HIV/ AIDS, the killer disease that has eaten up most young men especially in Buganda kingdom, since it is the capital of Uganda.”

The minister said he gets shocked when he hears that some youth drag their parents to courts claiming that they no longer have capacity lto manage their properties. He advised youth to work hard so that they own wealth when they are still young, instead of fighting for their parents’ property.

He also thanked parents who have endeavoured to educate their children, which he classified as a future investment from which parents will reap profits when they grow old.

Prof. Steven Muyingo, one of the key speakers at the function, said that “Parents should take time to prepare their children early enough to ensure that they match with this digital growing world.”

He added that “The world today needs educated people in every sector. I therefore urge parents to take their children to schools for education and also teach them their culture, which will be the key source of discipline in the society that they live in.”

Some of the schools that participated in the event were; Old kampala Primary School, Victorious Pimary school, Covenant School, Kampala High Shool, Namirembe Model school, Lohona Academy, Kyagwe Road Primary School, Bright Junior School, among others.

The function also doubled as a health camp during which people received free HIV testing, plus vaccination for Hepatitis B, TB and other diseases.

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