Bungingo Saga:  Ugandan Pastors Battling Sex Scandals Named

Bungingo Saga: Ugandan Pastors Battling Sex Scandals Named

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By Andrew Irumba

Kampala: Pastors in Uganda have become a centre of all sorts of sex scandals. From snatching married spouses to sleeping with underage girls, their daughters, believers, etc, Ugandan Pentecostal churches have often been rocked by all sorts of sex scandals. Currently, the media is awash with news of pastor Aloysius Bugingo, who is involved in a bitter sex scandal with his estranged wife Teddy Naluswa Bugingo. The two are fighting over property that includes land and assets registered under Bugingo’s House of Prayer Ministries International church. But apart from the property, there is also a sex war. Bugingo’s wife accuses him of abandoning her and the kids ever since he started seeing a very gorgeous TV and radio presenter identified as Susan Makula. Naluswa accuses Bungingo of allegedly attempting to elope with Makula and that he has already transferred ownership of some of the church’s properties into her names, something that she (Naluswa) is not willing to stomach. However, Bugingo is not the only Ugandan pastor whose name has been immersed in a sex scandal. There are several others pastors and we expose them today;

Imelda and Kula Namutebi and other pastors

Pastor Augutsine Yiga

Ainembabazi who accuses Yiga

Controversial city pastor Augustine Yiga aka Abizaayo Yiga was a few months back arrested by the police in Kawempe for allegedly impregnating one of his followers and abandoning her with a child. Angel Ainembabazi, who hails from Bushenyi, accuses Yiga of banging her Yoyo and later impregnating her. Ainembambazi told the police that “He promised to pray for me at night, undress me and chase away the ghosts. At around 2:00AM, Yiga touched me and pushed me. I fell on the bed. He overpowered me and raped me.” Ainembabazi claims that she later produced a child who has no private parts but Yiga has since refused to give her any child support. However, when he was dragged to Kawempe police, Yiga denied Ainembabazi’s allegations, claiming that she has been set up by his enemies who are fellow pastors. But this was not the first time Yiga was being involved in a sex scandal. A few years back he fell out with his former lover and singer Maggie Kayima aka Nabbi Omukazi, after she accused him of allegedly attempting to rape her sister Betty Namisinga. Prior to that, Yiga had been accused by another member of his church of raping, ballooning her and infecting her with a deadly disease. The woman identified as Brenda Nalubega, who has since passed on, dragged Yiga to Central Police Station (CPS) where she filed her allegations, although he denied and was freed. Nalubega suffered with the deadly disease and her child until she later died. The whereabouts of her son, who she claimed Yiga had abandoned, remain unknown to date.

Pastor Kiganda

Pastor David Kiganda with Hadijah Nasejje

In October 2006, a domestic row erupted in the home of David Kiganda, the senior pastor of Christianity Focus Centre in Mengo, Kisenyi, when his wife, Hadijja Nasejje, allegedly cheated on him with a man selling chapattis. The couple has since separated and for about seven years, Kiganda has been taking care of their five children. He later married a Zimbabwean woman identified as Cindy Kiganda, although word has it that they are nursing domestic woes.

Pastor Samuel Kakande

Pastor Samuel Kakande

Kakande of Synagogue Church of all nations on Monday 24th September 2018 called upon his believers to restore sanity in relationships by foregoing oral sex. According to him, many Christians often pour soil on their romantic relationships to the extent of going into rehab because of diverting from the normal sexual procedures, which is contrary to the religious teachings. The man who was one time reported to have gone bonkers fell out with his wife Loyce Nana Kakande over irreconcilable differences and she has since estranged herself.

Pastor Senyonga

Jackson Senyonga, the pastor of Christian Life Ministries in Kampala, was a few years back being investigated by the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) for molesting a 13-year-old girl aboard a plane. The Associated Press and the Bay Area Daily Review both reported that Pastor Senyonga was arrested for molesting the girl on a flight from Denver to Oakland. The Pastor was arrested by sheriff’s deputies at Oakland International Airport on suspicion of fondling a girl seated next to him on the flight. The area County prosecutors declined to charge Senyonga because of jurisdictional issues, but referred the case to the FBI. The arresting sheriff, Sergeant J.D. Nelson, said Senyonga was initially taken to Santa Rita jail in Oakland, but was released after posting bail. He later shrugged off the allegations saying they had been concocted by his enemies in the Pentecostal church.

Pastor Isaac Kiwewesi

Isaac Kiwewesi

Kiweweesi, who is the senior pastor of Kansanga Miracle Centre which he started in 1992, became a centre of scandal in 2008, when a man identified as David Arinaitwe, who was a member of Kiwewesi’s church, accused him of ‘Kuwewetaring’ his bum and entering it! Arinaitwe alleged the Pastor had drilled his behind and compelled him to keep it a secret. Ariniatwe reported a case vide file number SD29/28/09/08 of Kabalagala Police but the case died a natural death, although it is alleged that there were other boys who came with similar allegations. They included; a one Kaddu, Kabanda, Kasibante, Wanyama and one Mulingo. We have decided not to reveal their full names until they have finalized recording their statements at police.

Pastor Edwin Musiime
He was married to a sexy babe identified as Isabelle Lydia Masozera until they fell out bitterly, which led to the end of their marriage. Sources reveal that one of the reasons they separated a few years was because the Pastor was spending a lot of time with boys at Kansanga Miracle Centre church and less or little time with his wife and daughter. It was said that his ways irked Isabelle so much that she decided to throw in the towel and walk out of their marital home. She has since hooked a Mzungu man and they have a son together.

Pastor Joy Kihuguru

City journalist cum female Pastor Kihuguru, of Soaring With Eagles ministry, was sometime back involved in a bitter sex war with another woman over her ex-husband Noah Musanje. Kihuguru hooked Musanje, who is based in America and they had a quick wedding. However, she got pissed soon thereafter after Musanje being secretly introduced by another woman identified as Aisha Katalemwa, who nowadays lives with him in Chicago, USA. Kihuguru and Musanje have since parted ways.

Musanje when he was introduced by pastor Kihuguru

Pastor William Paul Muwanguzi Kiwedde
His name is synonymous with scandals. He was released from jail a few weeks back. But during his heydays Kiwedde, of Holy Fire Ministries church, got involved in a series of scandal, chief among which was being accused by his female followers of allegedly drugging and raping them, before confiscating their knickers. In 2012 he was arrested over allegations of conspiring in a rape incident after a woman claimed that the pastor offered to give her a lift and then tried raping her. Kiwedde was arrested by police in 2013 for impersonating as a Kenyan Catholic priest and performing healing prayers and miracles in Uganda. He was also accused of extorting huge amounts of money from hundreds of followers. He was sentenced to four years in jail but escaped from Mutukula Prison in 2014. He was later rearrested from Zimbabwe and deported to Uganda to complete his sentence with an additional two years. In May 2008, he had been arrested outside the U.S. Embassy over allegations of stealing a vehicle.

Imelda Namutebi
Befor she hooked up with her husband Tom Kula, it was reported that Namutebi had abandoned her first man so many years back. She later hooked Kula, who was married to another woman, a member of her church, but Namutebi didn’t give a damn.

Peace Kiconco

In 2013, City Pastor Amos Bentungura snatched Peace Kiconco from a city businessman, who was her hubby. She left her hubby’s house with all their house property and started up a new home, but her hubby tracked them down and recovered all his property from them.

Pastor Alex Muwanguzi

He is the pastor at Holy Power Healing Church in Fort Portal, Kabarole district, who landed in trouble for allegedly feasting on his followers.
At least 5 young ladies accused Muwanguzi of allegedly using them after deceiving them that he was going to marry them in future, only to later dump them like hot potatoes. One of the victims revealed that Muwanguzi had started drilling her Kitone when his church was still in Kasusu, before he shifted it to Kitembe. However, he denied the allegations.

Pastor John Kizza
The pastor cum founder of Christian Renewal Ministry Mission in Lango sub-region also landed in trouble some time back, after members of his congregation implicated him in multiple sex scandals. Christians later learnt that the Pastor had a secret tot with another woman in Kampala yet he was legally wedded in Lira town, something that not only pissed them off but also prompted them to ex-communicate him. He later engaged in a bitter court battle with his wife Matta Kizza over property ownership.

Accessdome.com: an accessible web community

Accessdome.com: an accessible web community

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