“Bury Tribalism, Sectarianism, Hatred & Adopt Pan-Africanism”-Gen Katumba’s 2021 Message

“Bury Tribalism, Sectarianism, Hatred & Adopt Pan-Africanism”-Gen Katumba’s 2021 Message

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By Spy Uganda

Kampala: Works and Transport minister General Katumba Wamala has urged Ugandans, “To respect each other” in the New Year irrespective of political differences.

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General Katumba Wamala noted with concern that the 2021 general election campaign had led to an increase in intolerance between different political camps. He said that politicians desperate to be elected or re-elected had resorted to stoking these differences for their own selfish ends.

He said that some politicians had reached a point of, “Promising heaven on earth. Some have bordered on promising construction of bridges where there are no rivers.”

General Wamala said, “What I would love to see as we enter 2021 is that the seeds of hatred, the seeds of tribalism, the seeds of sectarianism which have been sown and scattered through actions or words including in some cases by robed men of God fall on rocky ground and in the thorns so that they are scorched and dry or they are choked by the thorns.”

The decorated General who served as the Uganda People’s  Defence Forces CDF and Inspector General of Police said that the country is crying out for the preservation of life. He said that Ugandans most crave for the respect of each other, love and peaceful life.

Wamala said that after a very difficult 2020 dominated by the COVID-19 pandemic, this is the gift Ugandans can give each other. Respect and peaceful co-existence that they can all have the chance to rebuild what was damaged by the COVID-19 pandemic which did not just affect daily livelihood but is claiming people’s lives as well.

A fitness enthusiast who watches his diet, General Wamala urged Ugandans to continue to be vigilant and follow Ministry of Health Standard Operating Procedures to protect themselves from being infected with COVID-19. While gyms and mass sports events may be prohibited, he asked Ugandans to use their natural environment to keep fit.

He went on to wish all Ugandans a Happy New Year full of prosperity as they responsibly exercise their right to vote the leaders of their choosing.

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