Byandalla Wins Katotsi Road Scam Case!

Byandalla Wins Katotsi Road Scam Case! an accessible web community

By Andrew Irumba

Former works and transport Minister Abraham Byandalla has been acquitted by Anti-corruption court seating at Kololo of all charges implicating him in the Mukono-Katosi Road scam case.

Court noted that there was no evidence proving that any directive he issued was tagged with criminal intent to cause loss of the 24.7 Billion shillings that was awarded to EUTAW, the fraudulently contracted road construction company.

High court Judge Lawrence Gidudu also dropped all counts relating to causing financial loss of 24.7 billion shillings.

He ruled that the office of the IGG failed to neither prove the offense technically nor state in measurable, provable terms how much of the 24.7 billion was lost in contracting and sub-contracting procedures relating to the road construction.

Gidudu said if works amounting to 16.8 Billion had partially been implemented by CICO a sub-contracted Chinese Company, the IGG cannot say that the full amount advancely paid out was lost.

He faulted them to have based on mere suspicion rather than full technical audit inquiries and reports to file their case.

Byandalla was charged alongside with six others including former UNRA bosses to have discrepantly awarded a contract to EUTAW, a company to which government accorded advanced payments basing on forged securities. an accessible web community

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