Cabinet  Approves National Transitional Policy

Cabinet  Approves National Transitional Policy an accessible web community

By Gad Masereka

Kampala: Cabinet has approved the National Transitional Policy, whereby its objectives are to adjust the gaps in the formal justice system for post conflict situations. Ofwono opondo, the government spokesperson, told journalists at Uganda media Centre on Tuesday that in the meeting held on Monday at State House, Entebbe, Cabinet agreed to formalizing the use of the traditional justice mechanism in post conflict situations, and to make adjustments in the current amnesty process. He noted that the policy is looking at facilitating reparation processes and programmes, reconciliation and also building the nation.

He also said that the government is about to address the flooding in Kampala. He added that government is looking for what Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) can do to address the challenge of flooding and also drain the channels around the city. While answering the question raised to him about the saga at the Central Bank, Ofwono said that the investigations have nothing to do with any extra money, but that they focus on the extra items of other clients who were not part of chartered plane by BoU. He therefore called upon the Uganda police to clarify that statement. He reminded the public that there is no extra cash dumped into the economy and urged the public to work hand in hand with the government to make more investigations. Ofwono added that Cabinet also approved the use of Eprinomectin for sustainable management of ticks, tick-borne disease and tick resistance to acaricides in the country. He revealed that government has agreed on this to provide an emergency solution to ticks, tick-borne disease and tick resistance to acaricides that is challenging the 31 most-affected districts in Uganda. an accessible web community an accessible web community

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