Cabinet Approves Shs 600Bn Supplementary Expenditure For Covid-19 Response

Cabinet Approves Shs 600Bn Supplementary Expenditure For Covid-19 Response an accessible web community

By Spy Uganda

Kampala: Cabinet has approved a total of Shs600bn for supplementary expenditure to respond to Covid-19 and other contingencies in FY 2021/22 especially in government health facilities that are in a sorry state at the peak of the pandemic.

This follows the public outcry and the ministry of health on the state of government health facilities that lack personal protective equipment, drugs, oxygen, staff salaries, and allowances among others which need urgent funding thus the approval.

The Ministry of Finance said Tuesday that funds for Quarter One FY 2021/2022 will only be released to votes where the Accounting Officers appointed have submitted their acceptance letters & their performance contracts duly countersigned and warrant submissions to facilitate approval should reach the ministry this Friday 9th July.

As a consequence of the projected shortfall in revenue of Ushs 2 trillion and the need to respond to the COVID19 emergency through a supplementary of Shs 600 billion, budgets of MDA’s have been suppressed by up to 41.2%. This includes a freeze on travel abroad, workshops, and seminars.

According to the Finance Ministry, accounting officers should prioritize the allocation of the expenditure limits to the critical activities that contribute significantly to the attainment of Vote outcomes without accumulating arrears.

 Here Is A Breakdown Of The Suplimenatry Expenditure Response To Covid-19 

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