Canadian Educationist To Train Ugandan Teachers On Modern Teaching Skills

Canadian Educationist To Train Ugandan Teachers On Modern Teaching Skills

By Spy Uganda

As Ministry of Education embarks on reviewing 30 years education policy to become relevant in the changing times, Canadian based educationist Rosa Mushega has offered to teach and skill teachers in the country on modern teaching techniques.

Under her pilot project ” Teaching for Success,” Mushega intends to skill teachers from both private and government schools.
“Teaching for Success provides highly effective teaching strategies for teachers in nursery, primary schools, secondary schools and Teacher Training Colleges, through professional development workshops,” she said.

“The main objective is to equip teachers to engage students in their learning, in order to increase student achievement and success,” Rosa Mushega added.

Rosa has taught various secondary schools in Canada and is currently a Special Education Resources Specialist. Her current role involves building capacity and supporting school administrators and teaching staff.

In addition, she delivers school-based programs for students, provides teachers with effective strategies to support student learning, assists with ongoing assessments, and liaises with external service agencies to advance education learning.

Rosa has chosen to work solely with Uganda school administrators to create authentic learning skills and enhance future careers.

Rosa says that wants to give back to her home country and make a difference in the lives of students and yield indelible changes to improve the Ugandan education system.

An advocate of modern learning, Rosa has asked government to embrace online learning to make Uganda education relevant post covid 19 pandemic.

She also urged parents to invest in purchasing modern gadgets to facilitate teaching in modern times.

“Students need to receive feedback based on what they have learned or ask questions to clarify their understanding if they have smartphone, laptop, tablet, desktop etc.). These are the necessary gadgets to enhance modern learning, “ an accessible web community

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