Chameleone, Wife In Bitter Split Over Sexy Manager Bijou

Chameleone, Wife In Bitter Split Over Sexy Manager Bijou an accessible web community

By Spy Uganda

 There is a bitter clash raging on between celebrated singer turned politician Joseph Mayanja aka Dr Jose Chameleone and his wife Daniela Atim, a Leone Island manager identified as Fortunate Bijou.

Our Spies reveal that Chameleone hired Bijou early this year, after falling out with his old management that included Robert Nkuuke aka Mutima and other Leone Island managers.

Sexy Fortunate Bijou

However, Spies intimate that ever since Chameleone hired juicy and lovely Bijou, things have never been the same between him and Daniella, who is based the United States of America, whereas Bijuou is based in Kampala.

Spies reveal that since Bijou is in Kampala, whenever Chameleone travels from the USA to Uganda, the only person who has to take care for him and his well-being, plus marketing and promoting the ‘brand’ Chameleone is none other than Bijou.    

In other words, sources reveal that Bijou has since assumed all the roles that Daniela used to undertake as Chameleone’s wife when she was still based in Uganda, something that is pissing her off so much.

Her pals intimate that Daniela is mad at Chameleone for recruiting Bijou to head the singer’s management team and has since talked him into changing management, even if it means hiring the old Leone Island managers, who he fell out with. 

Insiders at Leone Island reveal however that Daniela is not happy with Chameleone for choosing Bijou as manager due to the fact that the two were some time back very tight and their closeness almost caused a big fight at the singer’s Seguku home.

Daniela Atim in USA with Chameleone’s children

It is said that Daniela is now getting endless nightmares and can no longer enjoy her peaceful sleep ever since she learnt that Chameleone and Bijou are back again together,

However, although she admits raking care of him as his Manager, Bijou often assures pals that she and Chameleone have nothing going on between them; that she is just a manager, managing him as a brand, not his personal life.

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