Chameleone’s Brother Pallaso Survives Lynching In South Africa, Pal Clobbered To Death

Chameleone’s Brother Pallaso Survives Lynching In South Africa, Pal Clobbered To Death an accessible web community

By Spy Uganda

Shocking news reaching us indicates that singer Pius Mayanja aka Pallaso, the younger brother of celebrated musician Jose Chameleone, is nursing terrible wounds he sustained after being attacked by a xenophobic mob in Gauteng province, South Africa, on Wednesday.

A medic attending to Pallaso after dressing his wounds

TheSpy Uganda has established that Pallaso and his  friend identified as Fred Kiwunya had travelled to South Africa to shoot music videos when they were attacked by mob of irate South Africans, who clobbered them severely and smashed their car,  Mercedes Benz.

The Mercedes Benz they were driving was smashed beyond repair

However, although his friend was lynched, Pallaso managed to escape the attack and later shared a distress video in which he revealed the shocking news.

Pallaso after receiving medical attention

Weasel Speaks Out

Following  Pallaso’s terrible video in which he confessed that he was brutally beaten up in South Africa when he was shooting a music video with his friend Kiwunya, Goodlyfe singer Weasel, who is also his brother, has come out to give an update.

Through the Radio and Weasel Facebook page, Weasel has confirmed how a Goodlyfe Ambassador in South Africa was able to save Pallaso from the angry mob.

The Mercedes Benz that was smashed

He wrote that “Pallaso managed to escape when the crowd of about 100 people tried to break into the car but he was closed down and beaten severely. 

He managed to escape their grip and ran into hiding at a garage in a yet to be identified school. He said that he is not certain whether his friend known as Kiwunya Fred is still alive because he left him in the car immediately he was attacked.”Weasel also revealed that Pallaso was later rushed to a hospital in South Africa, where he is undergoing medical attention.

Mayanja brothers: Weasel, Chameleons and Pallaso an accessible web community

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